All I want is ALL YOU GOT!

Due to some Q shuffling, YHC was excited to have a full hour to deliver a beatdown to remember. I wanted to make something challenging and encourage each PAX to push a little harder. Although the Q wasn’t flawless (we could have made the teams a little more even) I feel it got the job done!

WOR: SSH IC x 50, Picking Daisey’s Middle/Right/Left, Arm Circle OYO forward and Back, Merkins x 15 with a down/up cadence to ensure full range of motion

The Thang: – Groups of 3: Groups need to complete the rep counts using an accumulated total
1 Mile – Timed – The times were quite impressive! Happy to get this on the books

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the fastest time in your group and divide by 2
Sandees – Using the number above
BBSU – 100
Curls – 200

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the middle time in your group
Blockees – using the number above
Crunchy Frogs – 100
Rows – 200

1/4 Mile Timed – Take the fastest time (for times sake)
Burpees – using the number above
Leg Lifts – 100
Sand Bag Press – 200

COT/NOR: Katniss, Archive, Sage, Jolly, Tortuga, Milk Dud, Noodles, Beaker, Da Vinci, Hotbox, Panhandle