Coupons and Legs – 4.17.21 – AO Mastodon

After too much work travel over the previous 2 weeks, YHC was itching to get in a good beatdown. Naturally, the best way to do this (aside from attending a Shiplap Q) is to lead your own! It was a brisk 40 degrees at post time, so warm-up was important.

It had been a while since we reviewed the 5 tenets of F3, so we started the disclaimer with them:

F3 is free of charge
F3 is open to all men
F3 is held outdoors, rain or shine
F3 is led in a rotating fashion by the participants
F3 always ends with a Circle Of Trust

Side-straddle Hops – 25 IC
Abe Vigodas – 10 IC
Tappy Taps – 10 IC
Merkins – 9 IC
Arm Circles IC – 10 each forward small, backward small, backward large, forward large
Michael Phelps OYO

Thang 1: Coupon 11’s
With coupons, the PAX mosey to first light pole, then perform 1 derkin and 10 blockbees
Mosey to next light pole, increase derkin count by 1, decrease blockbees by 1
Continue until count is 10 derkins, 1 blockbee
Mosey to the base of Hoffa, abs for the 6

Thang 2: All about the Benjamins
PAX line up on one side of the base, facing SHOP. Exercises were split between “Coupon” and “no Coupon.”
Curls for the Girls – 25
Walking lunges to the other side of field (approximately 40 for YHC)
25 squats
Walking lunges back to coupons
Overhead Presses – 25
Walking lunges to other side of field
Hand-release Merkins – 25
Walking lunges back to coupons
Abs for the 6

Thang 3: Circuit Breaker
As we moved so quickly through the previous exercises, YHC had to go off-script to finish the hour.
The PAX split into 3 groups with either 3 or 4 PAX in each group.
Group 1 headed to COOTIES, Group 2 headed to the swings, Group 3 stayed with the coupons
Each group had to complete the following before rotating to the next station:
Station 1: 10 pull-ups per PAX
Station 2: 20 Atomic Merkins per PAX
Station 3: 20 Thrusters per PAX

Each group was able to complete 2 full circuits before time was called.

Cap’n Crunch, Tortuga (respect), Bloomer, Double Beef’n’Cheddar (hate), Jailbreak, JazzHands, Too Big To Fail, SAGA, Babe, Crash (hate), Crack (Q)

After the normal COT, we spent some time lifting up Bloomer and his family as they prepare for his 2.0’s upcoming surgery.