Tale of two Dora’s

During the evening news Monday night the weather man called for a “frost warning” – my first thought “awesome, this beatdown will be perfect for a nice brisk morning.” My second thought “shoot I planted my plants already and they are going to freeze” luckily the excited for my first thought made me quickly forget about the plants! With a new F3 playlist on amazon music, your QIC was ready to rock and roll

WOR: SSH x 30, Picking Daiseys, quad stretch, Arm Circles, Merkins Slow cadence x 15

The Thang: Musical Dora and Greta meet for a party. Like a typical Dora each PAX was given a partner – the PAX would complete one of the “Greta exercises” while a song played. When a new song came on the groups switched exercises. While Partner 1 completed the exercise – partner 2 rand Hoffa.

Exercises: Blockees, Thrusters, Coupon Swings

6MOM: Flutters IC x 30

NOR/COT: Baby Sitter, Da Vinci, Saga, Banks, Panhandle, Aloha, Dress Code, Babe, Ralphy (FNG), Big Mac, Gummi Bear, Jolly, TBTF, Sparrow, Tortuga (Respect), Whittler, Crack

Moleskin: Everyday you will get better or you will get worse. None of us will stay the same. The choice is yours.