5/10/2021 – F3 AO Mastodon – Monday Ruck/Run Club

10 PAX – Sparrow, Katniss, HotBox, Panhandle, Shiplap, Shamu, Crack (and Dually Dog), Tortuga (respect), Jolly, TBTF QIC – if I missed anyone let me know as we didn’t record the NoR

The runners started early, circled back to the flag at 530AM and were off again for a nice morning run (didn’t get the miles).

The Ruckers did a quick WoR consisting of Abe Vigodas, Tappy Taps, and Imperial Walkers and we were off. We rucked about 1.25 miles to the Lincoln Marsh Prairie Patch Park where we got in some quick PT. PT consisted of a total of 50 derkins, 50 overhead presses, 50 squats, and 5 laps shuffled around a walking path at the park (roughly 15 minutes of PT). We then rucked back to the AO picking up various pieces of garbage on the side of the road to add weight (@Sparrow :)). Ended up at about 2.5 miles under ruck and 15 minutes PT

Prayers for Dr. Phil and his family after the passing of his brother; continued prayers for Cooper and the Bloomer family in Cooper’s ongoing recovery/rehab process