5.25.21 My Take on the Black Diamond!

Popped out of bed right at 4:30 with a lot of energy for a new breed of workout with F3 Wheaton. We already have pretty intense bootcamp’s that many regions would consider a “Black Diamond” so YHC wanted to make this one a little extra brutal and make sure I followed some main “Black Diamond” principals which include; little rest, push the 12, and it’s the Q’s responsibility to design a workout where the 6 isn’t left behind. It was an opportunity to not only push the PAX but to push myself as your QIC. I hope it didn’t disappoint!

WOR: SSH x 20, Goof Balls x 15, Picking Daisey’s OYO, Arm Circles OYO, Michael Phelps

The Thang:

1/4 miles sprint to determine partners. The PAX lined up single file as they finished and were paired with a partner. The pairing was the first pairs up with the last and so on.

Teams: Bloomer & Noodles, Sparrow & Beaker, Shiplap & Jolly, Banks & Da Vinci

This was a partner routine where partner 1 completed the stationary exercise and partner 2 did a moving exercise for 30 yards and back. The reps we accumulated as a team – similar to a Dora.

Twist #1: Every 8 minutes an alarm went off and the PAX had to run 1/4 mile in under 2 minutes. If one teammate didn’t there were 5 penalty burpees for the team. Everyone made each run, although some were really close.

Twist #2: Whichever team moved to the next exercise first had to use the 120# sandbag. This was a tweak to all the “12” to be pushed and allow for the “6” to catch up.

The Exercises: The Movement:
150 Blockees Sandbag Murder Bunnies
200 Hand Release (at the Top) Merkins Sandbag throws
250 Coupon Thrusters Sandees – but throw the bag forward
We didn’t make it to the 4th exercise.

We did a total of 6 laps (including the first for teams) and all teams made it to thrusters.

NOR: Bloomer, Noodles, Sparrow, Beaker, Shiplap (Q), Jolly, Banks, Da Vinci

COT: Prayed for the health of the PAX – especially Saga and Noodles. We prayer for Cooper and the Bloomer family. We gave praise for the ability to push each other

Moleskin: It felt good to push each other a little further than normal. The workout was tough but well worth it. @banks was chosen as the next Black Diamond Q for June.