Backblast 5/20/21 – Mucho Leg’o

I’ve misplaced my beatdown Winkie so here goes from memory:

Twas a balmy Thursday morning at our beloved AO-Mastodon with 22 PAX in attendance for a promised “LEG DAY”. Coupons were required

NOR: Milk Duds (respect), Archive, Tortuga (respect), Heist, Sparrow, Da Vinci, Jolly, T-bone (respect), Whittler, SAGA, Beaker, Panda Express, Ralphy, Jailbreak, BOGO, Crack, Banks, Achtung, Aloha, Shiplap, Captain Crunch, Katniss (Q)

WOR: We warmed up with a mix of old favorites and leg exercises:
7X Motivators
15X Monkey Humpers
10X star jumps
Quad stretch (OYO)
15X Mucho Lego

The Thang:
PAX partnered up (duos). Assembled at base of Hoffa. This would be the starting position for each duo’s exercises.

Partner 1: Did broad jump burpees out to the lonely tree just beyond the path, then lunged back.

Partner 2: Did two exercises @ 50 reps each, then ran up and back down Hoffa. The exercises changed each round:

Round 1: 50 squats, 50 star jumps(?)
Round 2: 50 coupon squats, 50 thrusters
Round 3: 50 double coupon squats, farmer carry both blocks up Hoffa and back down.

If one partner beat the other back to original starting position, they did “Mucho Lego” until their teammate arrived.

When partner 1 and 2 met back at starting position, they swapped (so Partner 1 now did coupon exercises and Partner 2 did the broad jump burpees and lunges)

Most teams were finishing right on time. And Partner 1 and Partner 2’s cycles were fairly evenly matched timing-wise!

COT: Prayers for Cooper, Tortuga’s M, Sparrow’s friends Rasheed and (Friend 2) for continued progress and positive life decisions. Prayers for all recent grads that they find purpose and enjoyment in life post graduation.