BACKBLAST: 6.1.21 “RAMBO” @ AO Mastodon

WOR: 20 Mtn Man Poopers / 5 nipple scrappers / bat wings

Moleskin: You can do more than you realize. After hearing two recent stories from my 2.0s about nearing failure but pushing through, I was reminded how much more we can go even if we think we are at our end. So, what is a trial you are currently facing—when you get to that point when you want to give up, think to yourself that you are only at 60% and there is a lot more in the tank…

ONLY THANG: R.A.M.B.O. @ Hoffa with coupon & Rambo soundtrack (it was the thing that emotions are made of:

Redrum (murder bunny up Hoffa / 10 blockees at top / rifle carry down)

Abs (oyo choice) x 50 reps

Merkins x25 reps

Burpees x10 reps

Oyo choice w/coupon x50 reps

Run across the “enemy bridge” and back (aka, run from Hoffa across the two near bridges and come back to repeat above)


19 PAX in attendance: @Babe @Banks @Beaker @Big Mac @BOGO @Captain Crunch @Cheese @Da Vinci @Getaway @Jolly @Katniss @Ralphy @Panda Express @SAGA (Q) @Shiplap @Sparrow @T-Bone @Tortuga @Yankee (welcome FNG!)

Moleskin reprise:

When you hit that wall and think you have given 100%, remember you are only at 60% and keep going…