BACKBLAST: Saturday, May 29, 2021 “Know Knee Sense” 7:00AM @ AO Mastodon

This workout was designed to be easy on the knees, basically anti-leg day

Several of the PAX planned to do an awesome obstacle course this day, so they joined us for WOR then headed downstate to get their medals. We kept it light for them and started the real work once they left.


Abe Vagodas

Good Mornings

Arm Circles

5 PAX remained so rather than pairing off each PAX was responsible for their own reps at ½ the traditional count. PAX pushed through the reps to whatever point they felt they were slowing down then “rested” with a holding exercise for 10-30 seconds before getting back to work. Here is how it went.

THANG 1: Flora 1-2-3

50 Merkins: Superman

100 LBCs: Hold Plank

150 Bent over Rows: Hold Boat

We did a quick coupon carry walk around the playground before Thang 2

THANG 2: Flora 3-2-1

150 Chest Press: Reverse Plank

100 Overhead Press: Monkey Hang (PAX agreed, this was probably the hardest part of the workout to keep going)

50 BBSU: Hold Half Curl

To loosen ourselves up we did a few times up and down Hoffa with our coupons, some frontwards Rifle carry, some Bernie.

THANG 3: Blitz, how many can you do in remaining time

10 Pull ups/inverted rows

10 Leg Lifts

10 High Pulls

10 Hand Release Merkins

10 Calf Raises

10 Curls

All PAX were on the 4th cycle, some finished all 4

NOR Babe, Crash, Cookies(Q), Jailbreak, TBTF