Convergence w/ Geneva Part 1: 6.5.21

Due to smoking a brisket overnight YHC didn’t sleep much. I am not sure if that was because of the brisket or the excitement I had to Q the fist convergence of F3 Wheaton/Geneva. It was a muggy morning and a perfect temperature to get a good sweat in! While thinking of what to call, I could help but think of my college football days and the fun and memories I have in a hot, muggy weight room during summer workouts! Selfishly, this was crated to help me riminess some of my favorite memories.

WOR: We all introduced ourselves before any warmup.
SSH x 30
Goof Balls x 15
Picking Daiseys – middle, right, left
Standing quad stretch OYO
Arm Circles – forward, backward

Thang 1: We split up into 5 groups and mosey’ed to the COOTIES.

Each Station was a 4 minute AMRAP with a minute between stations. During the “recovery” minute the Q yelled out an exercise to complete. It was mostly BURPEES!

Station1: Bis and Tri’s
10 Pull ups
20 1 Arm Rows
30 High Pulls
40 Curls

Station 2: Sandbags
10 Sandbag Thrusters
20 Bent Over Rows
30 OH Press
40 Front Squats

Station 3: Legs
10 Mucho Lego
20 Bonnie Blairs – Hard Way
30 1 legged RDLs
40 Calf Raises

Station 4: Chest and Tri’s
10 Blockees
20 Derkin – knee to chest
30 Coupon Press
40 Skull Crushers

Station 5: Abs
10 Boat/Canoe – 10 second hold each
30 Leg Lifts
40 IC Flutter Kicks

Thang 2: 10 Minute AMRAP of REDRUM

Moleskin: F3 in a wonderful thing. Anywhere there is an F3 event the group will welcome anyone with open arms. This was evident when @Banks and I crashed Geneva’s 2nd F Happy Hour