Backblast 6.30.21 “Just 300 reps”

Freewheelin’ frisbee field Wednesdays at Tar Pit came to a screeching halt with this morning’s beatdown, which found 7 PAX drenched in sweat by 6:15am.

NOR: Milk Duds (respect), T-bone (respect), Banks, Whittler, Noodles, TBTF, Katniss (Q)

WOR: 11x Abe Vigodas, 20x Slow Merkins, Michael Phelps, 5x Mucho Lego, Quad stretch

We moseyed with 2 sandbags (thanks Banks) and coupons over to the Southwest corner of the track where we settled in for our Thang

The Thang: Each PAX individually (OYO) completed “just 300 reps”.

• 100 Blockbees
• 100 Thrusters
• 100 Goblet squats

But a catch: three more rules applied:

• Completing 100 reps earned a lap around the track
• At least 1/4 of each 100-count set (aka 25) had to be completed with a sandbag
• Using WOD clock, 5 burpees every minute on the minute!!!

As the 6:15 deadline approached, Q modified rules to get 300 reps within reach. Eliminated burpees around 6:05am, eliminated laps around 6:08am, eliminated sandbags around 6:10am.

NOTE: This Q might have been realistic for a 1hr Saturday beatdown. With the modifications we had 1 PAX come within 10 reps of completing 300.

COT: Prayers for Whittler and T-bone’s new job prospects – give them strength and wisdom in interviews and decision-making. Prayers for Banks as he navigates sale and purchase of new home, inspection, etc. Praise for Noodles’ new hard-earned position in St. Charles and all the other blessings bestowed upon us all daily.