Backblast: Thursday July 1, 5:30am AO Mastodon

15 Pax gathered to start the July Arms Race and then play some Ultimate Frisbee to recover from @Katniss’s Wednesday beatdown

WOR: Motivators (4), Goofballs (20), Tappy Taps (10), Quad Stretch

Thang 1: 4 rounds of 25 coupon curls

Thang 2: Split into teams and scout run to Dan Taylor alley – first team fully there receives to start the game.

Thang 3: Ultimate Frisbee – 6 on 7 (@hotbox and @saga did some non-running work). No injuries (except maybe to the pride of the larger team that lost 4-2). Mosey back to flags and coupon curl for the 6.

NOR: @achtung, @shiplap, @tbtf, @beaker, @crack, @cap’n crunch, @pandaexpress, @noodles, @saga, @jolly, @hotbox, @aloha, @katniss, @banks, @t-bone (Q)

Moleskin: Build little memories with your kids and spouse – it isn’t always about the big trips and big dollars – do little things together – they can still be meaningful – a little one on one time with a 2.0 or your M goes a long ways towards building great memories and having a healthy home life.

COT: Crack and T-bone have 2 newly minted 20yo 2.0’s, Travel blessings on Saga and Cap’n Crunch (and everyone else), Whittler job interview, House changes for Banks and a lot of job changes coming up for a number of pax.