7.20.21- Mastodon – “Hard Workout”

It was a beautiful summer day at AO Mastodon and 20 fateful PAX( Babysitter, Banks, Beaker, Big Mac, BOGO, DaVinci, Drumline, FNG- Fireballs, Jolly, Katniss, Panda Express, Panhandle, Saga, Shiplap, Sparrow, T-Bone, TBTF, Tortuga, Whittler, Yankee) showed up for what was promised to be a hard workout. YHC decided it was time to put the PAX through the ringer and put a few teams together to push all of us forward and get stronger together.

Warm-O-Rama: The Usual

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Windmills IC
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
  • 15x Merkins IC

Thang 1: Route 121

The PAX counted off into teams of 3 and lined up to complete a route 121 stopping at each light pole counting up from 1 burpee to 11 burpees and back down. The first team complete each earned a much coveted point to add to their totals. A wrinkle that was thrown into this evolution was that each team had a sandbag and they not only had to complete the reps at each light pole for each PAX, but also complete the reps for the sandbag. No team could move forward to the next light pole until all reps were completed for each PAX plus the sandbag. Team 1 won

Thang 2: Sprint to Hoffa

The PAX lined up and sprinted to Hoffa carrying their sandbag. The last place team received a 20 second head start over all teams, then the 2nd to last place team received a 10 second head start to sprint to Hoffa. Once all PAX were on top of Hoffa, they were required to complete 10 Mucho-Leggos for each PAX. Team 2 won and won a much coveted point.

Thang 3: Partner Races

At this point, we broke up into teams of 2 and completed races up Hoffa. Each team completed 20 Merkins, 20 BBS, and 20 Star Jumps and then sprinted to the top of Hoffa (All reps could be shared). The top 3 teams each received a point, and then added 4 reps to each of the exercises for the next round. This continued for 3 rounds since time ran out.

At the end of the day 3 brave PAX tied for the lead with 3 points each – Jolly, Shiplap, and Big Mac. All of the other PAX were very envious of these accomplishments, but all were glad to be done with the days’ beatdown


Thankful for the group of PAX, and YHC is always amazed at how we all push each other to be better and do more than we ever thought imaginable.