Backblast 7/22 – Watermelon Olympics

As YHC planned the beatdown last night I felt anxious and lost: I had pre-blasted “No coupons needed”, but had never led a workout without coupons. I frantically brainstormed other heavy objects to fill the void. After a few minutes, the Watermelon Olympics was born. And a trip to the grocery store followed.

NOR: 14 PAX rolled into AO Mastodon at 5:30 AM for the sweet, seedless taste of olympic glory. Shiplap, Beaker, T-Bone (respect), SAGA, Big Mac, BOGO, Panda Express, Bloomer, Yankee, F-N-G (later ‘Boilermaker’), Webelos, Sparrow, Jailbreak, Katniss (Q).

WOR: 15 merkins IC, 10 Abe Vigotas IC, and a special musical exercise routine set to Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar”. Anytime he sings a fruit (Strawberry, Watermelon) = merkin; Anytime he sings “high” = starjump. All other spots in the song = side straddle hop.

The Watermelon Olympics:
• PAX split up into two groups
• Each group received a large seeded watermelon to complete events with
• The Olympics would be composed of 4-5 events (depending on time)
• If any team breaks open their watermelon, they must swap it for a coupon for rest of workout
• The team with the most points from events at workout-end can feast on a SEEDLESS watermelon Q had stashed in the car.

Event 1: The watermelon mile
Each team runs a mile for time. The top three members of each team get their times recorded. But, one of those times must be a runner finishing with the watermelon. The watermelon can be handed off however team wants, but one runner must finish with it. The team whose three times added together is LESS = winner.

Event 2: The watermelon inch worm
Each team lines up single file line at base of Hoffa. The front man does 10 watermelon thrusters while men behind him plank. When front man completes thrusters, he does three “murder melons” (murder bunnies with water melon) and then runs to the back of the line while the men behind advance to his new higher position via bear crawl and a new man assumes front/thrusters. First team to the top = winner.

It was at this point that Team 1’s Sparrow BROKE THEIR WATERMELON WIDE OPEN. They substituted for a coupon for duration of the workout. Shame shame.

Event 3: Watermelon crawl
Each team bear crawls around Hoffa. Before all members finish they must complete 100 total burpees as a team. The watermelon must finish too. Whoever has the melon should “murder melon”. First team to the end wins. (We modified this to first man with watermelon wins and cut the distance by 25% to end at monkey bars)

Event 4: Melon Mary
Each team forms a circle. All men sit on their six and perform a mary exercise of their choice except the man holding the melon, who must do 20 Watermelon American Hammers and then pass to the next PAX. The team with the most cycles around their circle wins when time is called.

Event 5: Watermelon Curls (did not do due to time)
Each team forms a single file line. All PAX do burpees except a single PAX who must complete 20 watermelon curls and then pass to the next PAX. First team to pass the watermelon all the way down their line is winner.

COT: We named our new F-N-G “Boilermaker” due to his love for the University of Illinois (Purdue = arch nemesis). Welcome Boilermaker! We prayed for serenity, patience and direction for SAGA as he shoulders many burdens, Big Mac and M as they wrestle with the sheer parenthood challenge of being outnumbered by 2.0s, Webelos neighbor who had a recent debilitating injury and gave praise to all our PAX for health and motivation.