BACKBLAST: Wednesday 7.28.21 Greased Lightnin’ Glee Week Beatdown @ AO Mastodon

The PAX all gathered in the gloom at a stormy Tar Pit and the Q made the call right after a close lightnin’ strike to drag race over to Mastodon and fight for love in the safety of the SHOP. We completed 45 minutes of a beatdown in 30 minutes while following this musical play list:

WOR: “Grease” slide (3m26s)

Consisted of moving some picnic tables and then circling up in the SHOP and completing Arm Circles, Squats, Merkins, & Mtn. Climbers while doing a slide over to the left every time the word “grease” was sung.

THANG 1: “Summer Nights” (3m37s)

Pressing into the duet: squats when the men sang & merkins when the women sang & burpees when they sang together.

THANG 2: “You’re The One That I Want” (2m58s)

Followed the Q in chest presses, overhead presses and rows. During the chorus we enacted the title of the song by pressing into blockbees.

THANG 3: “Sandy” aka SAGA’s newly named coupon (2m36s) into “Beauty School Dropout” (4m)

With a partner: PAX at bottom of Hoffa did curls while partner ran the hill and did 20 LBCs at the top and ran back to switch – repeated until music was done.

THANG 4: Greased Lightnin’ (3m14s)

Got those engines up on the blocks and ready for the drag race. Partner farmer carried the coupons away from Hoffa to the path and back while the other PAX did burpees. Drag raced on repeat until the song finished.

THANG 5: “Rock N’ Roll Is Here To Stay” (2m3s)

Some say rock n’ roll is of the devil. Some say redrum is of the devil. Some say SAGA is the devil. 1 redrum was completed up Hoffa and back.

THANG 6: “Hound Dog” (1m25s)

Hungry for the coupon, we pressed into this song and a tribute to the things we love: MABA & the Arms Race. PAX were encourage to give it all they had for this burst of a beatdown: 2 Blockbees + 5 Curls on repeat until the song was done.

THANG 7: “Born To Hand Jive” (4m+) aka Mary

Adding some flair with jiving hands we followed the Q through American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs, Flutter Kicks with hands raised and jiving, Plank, Merkins, Shoulder Taps with a hand jive, Plank in a down merkin position

CoR/NoR/Cot: 12 PAX in attendance: @Big Mac @Bloomer @Cookies @Crack @Da Vinci @8-track @Jolly @Katniss @Panhandle @Milkduds (respect) @SAGA (Q) @T-Bone (no wait he didn’t make it – losing some respect) @Tortuga (respect)

Prayers for @Jolly’s M and her mentoring opportunity beginning tomorrow, @Da Vinci’s book, @Milkduds’ 2.0

MOLESKIN: Don’t forget to have fun in the storms of life. There is always the possibility of heading to another space and still engaging in a beatdown!