7/31 BACKBLAST: The Greatest Showman double-header Q @ Tar Pit & Mastodon

We finished out Glee Week with three Tony Awards to @Da Vinci @Jolly @SAGA


Beatdown set to the following playlist: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhzkvNUIsfkTV7guqBQWxzpfcEWcqaYsj&feature=share

WOR: “The Greatest Show” (5m3s)

A fast paced warm-up where we played show not tell. The coat-wearing and cane-toting Q silently led all the warm-up exercises as we entered into the greatest show. This summer block-buster variety show included: squats, tappy taps, the one where your hands are on your head and you touch your elbows to your knees, arm circles, arm circles while squatting, running in a circle while pumping fists into the air, merkins, mtn. man poopers, mtn. climbers, under-leg clapping and other such showmanship…

THANG 1: “A Million Dreams” (4m30s)

Followed the Q through plank / merkins / LBCs as we thought about how “every night we lie in bed, the brightest colors fill my head, a million dreams are keeping me awake, I think of what the world could be…”

THANG 2: “The Other Side” (3m35s)

Gathered up our coupons and headed over the field on the outside of the track.

THANG 3: “Never Enough” (3m28s)

In an attempt to model the lyrics of this song we did a bunch of curls and then burpeed until the end of the song.

THANG 4: “From Now On” (5m50s)

Q led through a repeat beatdown of rows, overhead press, curls, & big boy sit-ups.

THANG 5: “Who Am I” (2m38s)

Hugh Jackman was still singing at us and intimidating us with his last name as we moved into a Les Mis song which was the inspiration for Glee Week. Trying to figure out who we were, we did coupon work OYO in the reps of your age.

THANG 6: “Honey, Honey” + “Money, Money, Money” + “Mamma Mia” (9m+)

Crying ABBA we moseyed to the track were the PAX did an OYO run through the songs.

THANG 7: “Dancing Queen” (4m4s)

After the previous leg warm-up, we dove into a repeat of Bonny Blairs + blockees + mucho legos per the Q’s request.

THANG 8: “Take A Chance” (4m1s)

Murder Bunny 20 yards out to the fence, bear crawl back, sprint to the coupon and repeat taking a chance.

THANG 9: “Bat Out Of Hell” (9m50s)

Headed back to the flags where we finished out the song and felt the burn with skull crushers, burpees over blocks, curls, and squats on repeat.

THANG 10: “Proud Mary” (5m28s)

Tina Turner took us home as we closed out in a circle of Mary as the PAX called out American Hammers, LBCs, side-straddle hops, big boy sit-ups, & a plank to finish.

COT: 7 PAX @Cheese (respect) @Cookies (no wait, he was sleeping) @Da Vinci @Jolly @Katniss @SAGA (Q) @T-Bone (respect) @Tortuga (respect)

Praise for @Da Vinci’s completed book

Moleskin: A reminder again that F3 is for all men and a charge for us to welcome all.


Beatdown set to the following play list: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhzkvNUIsfkRI8Zohs3c3V2DTCaCJUxc5&feature=share

WOR: repeated The Greatest Show from Tar Pit, although at Mastodon we had intrigued onlookers wondering at the wonder that is us!

THANG 1: “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” (5m16s) + “Today” (3m22s)

Wondering together what the “that” was, we felt compelled to mini-murph as we repeated 5 pull-ups / 10 merkins / 15 squats as it bled into Smashing Pumpkins reminding us “today is the greatest day” and closed out the song with a mosey to Hoffa.

THANG 2: “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” (3m9s)

Letting the music lead us: 16 curls into 17 skull crushers on repeat.

THANG 3: “My Favorite Things” + “The Lonely Goatherd” + “A Spoonful of SAGA” + “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” (11m+)

Taking the lead from the first song and adding some of the SAGA that makes the medicine go down, we completed a couple redrums! Enjoyed the whimsy of the last song as we moseyed over to the ball diamond.

THANG 4: “Step In Time” (8m43s)

Running the bases we took some time to make our mark on repeat: 1st = 10 merkins / 2nd = 20 squats / 3rd = 30 flutters (the hard way) / Home = 40 LBCs.

THANG 5: “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” (1m54s)

A joyful run back to and up Hoffa where we let our kites fly in the form of some burpees.

THANG 6: “What’s The Buzz” (2m36s)

What’s the buzz? COUPONS! Back down Hoffa to great our coupons and murder bunny out 20 yards, bear crawl back, sprint to the coupons – repeat.

THANG 7: “Look Down” (3m17s)

Returning to the Les Mis inspiration that drew us into Glee Week we played the part of prisoners under SAGA’s guard: 6 grave diggers + 5 blockees + plank for an OYO recovery & repeat through the song.

THANG 8: “One Day More” (3m42s)

If you only had one day more what would you do? Easy, 1 more redrum!

THANG 9: “Glory Days” (4m20s)

Recalling a previous week of song we took this as a call back to the flags where SAGA we paused for a late-beatdown moleskin at the flag to talk about how the symbol has become more complicated in recent years. As I posted it this week in front of my house during the 2nd-F event I thought about how it might be viewed by some. I am more of a pacifist myself but have a son preparing to sacrifice his life for our country. Let us be mindful of the symbol of freedom that the flag represents (even the kind of freedom that allows someone to dismiss it as a good symbol) and let us be mindful of those who have sacrificed that we might live in this country as we do.

Ran with the flag one lap around the parking lot of the AO to conclude the song,

THANG 10: “Born To Hand JIVE” (4m40s)

Brought back by popular demand because it makes the PAX feel good—closed out with some hand jive Mary: American hammers, crunchy frog, flutters, planks low and high.

COT: 12 PAX @Archive @Bloomer @Crack @Crash (hate) @Da Vinci @8-Track @Jäzz Händz @Jolly @K-Pop (hate) @Minnie (FNG) @SAGA @TBTF

Prayers for @Crack’s friend Chuck in the hospital, @Jäzz Händz friends Brian in the hospital and wife Lauren, @TBTF’s uncle and the loss of an aunt