Modified Greta

It was a beautiful morning to be on Q at Mastodon. It seems like it has been forever since YHC Q’ed there, but I was excited to bless the PAX with my favorite F3 beatdown.

WOR: SSH x 20, Goof Balls x 15, Hillbillies x 10, Picking Daisys OYO, Arm Circles OYO

The Thang: Counted off by 6’s to partner up randomly. Greta is a dora style workout with accumulated rep totals for the team of two – while the other PAX runs the hill

100 Blockees
200 Thrusters
300 One Arm Curls (each arm – 600 total)

added for the 12

200 Coupon Press
100 Skull Crushers
Pick up the 6

NOR: Tortuga (Respect), Katniss, Shiplap (Q), Captain Crunch, Jail Break, Aloha, 8-Track, Crack, Da Vinci, Archive, Panda Express, TBTF

COT – Are you making your self better? How are you affecting the people around you? This workout teaches you both. Regardless of how in shape you are the hill equalizes you….are you slacking? Then you are letting your partner down….Trade reps with them!