Backblast 8/3 – BOGO’s VQ

13 PAX showed up to AO Mastodon: Sparrow, Tortuga (respect), Panda Express, Drumline, Bloomer, 8-Track, Noodles, T-Bone (respect), Jolly, SAGA, Da Vinci, Banks, BOGO (Q)

WOR: 15 mountain climbers (in cadence), 12 abe vigodas (in cadence), 20 goofballs (in cadence), OYO michael phelps, OYO quad stretches

Thang 1: Pearls on a string. Run the bigger loop that goes over 4 bridges (~.8 miles). Stop to do exercises after each bridge. The exercises accumulate: 10 Side-straddle Hops in cadence (added at bridge 1), 10 Mucho Legos (added at bridge 1), 15 Burpees (added at bridge 1), 50 American Hammers (added at bridge 2), 15 Star Jumps (added at bridge 3), 50 Tricep Dips (added at bridge 4)

Thang 2: Bernie Sanders on Hoffa with ab exercises at the top and bottom: 40 Flutter Kicks / Bernie Up, 40 Gas Pumps / Bernie Down, 40 Dollys / Bernie Up, 40 LBCs / Bernie Down

Mary: 3 minutes of in cadence flutter kicks

COT: Prayers for Noodles’ M, Prayers for Jolly’s M, Prayers for Sparrow as they begin fostering two kids