Partner Circuit – AO Mastodon, 8.21.21

Warm-O-Rama: Side Straddle hops -15, Mt climbers – 15, Abe Vigodas – 15, Merkins – 15, Air squats to the song “Bring Sally Up”

Thang 1: Partnered up. One partner runs while the other works. The run alternated between running up Hoffa and running around the two big trees by the outfield of the baseball field. The runners had to complete 10 big boy sit ups before returning.

The working partner did the following exercises in order for a total of 10 rounds apiece.

Exercises: Merkins, LBCs, Shoulder Taps, Lunges, Crunchy Frogs, Murder bunnies, coupon swings, curls, Monkey Humpers, Durkins,

Thang 2: To finish up with a mini Pearls on a String as we moseyed around the baseball diamonds and how to complete the following reps between partners. We stopped three times to complete 40 burpees, 100 air squats, and 100 Big Boy Sit Ups.

NOR: Captain Crunch, Tortuga, TBTF, Banks, Jail Break, Bad Debt, Wet Burrito, Bloomer (Q)

Moleskin: There is power in listening. Work today to be engaged and listen to those talking with you and to simply be present and listen to the silence of the day.

COT: Afghanistan, start of school