8/30 BACKBLAST: AO MASTODON (Combined: Jolly’s Black Diamond + “You do you” Monday)

15 PAX showed up on this beautiful Monday morning: @Archive (YDYM), @Crack (BD), @Saga (BD), @DaVinci (BD), @Sparrow (BD), @Cheese (YDYM), @Jolly (BD), @8track (YDYM), @Bloomer (BD), @Wetburrito (BD), @Pandaexpress (YDYM), @Cookies (YDYM), @Zoro (YDYM), @Aloha (YDYM), and @RangerRick (YDYM).

Moleskin: Today we discussed the difference between “excellence” and “perfection.”

Perfection is unrealistic and finite. It concerns the external, how we are perceived by others. In contrast, excellence is attainable as it is a continuous endeavor. It’s about challenging oneself to be better, to learn, and to grow beyond oneself.

Below is a slightly edited poem about it (author unknown).

Excellence is willing to be wrong
Perfection is the need to always be right

Excellence is freeing
Perfection is demanding

Excellence is what can I give to myself and others
Perfection is what does this require/can I take

Excellence is love/being vulnerable
Perfection is fear

Excellence is empowering
Perfection is anger and frustration/ being concerned about external appearance.

Excellence is accepting
Perfection is judgment

Excellence is confidence
Perfection is doubt

Excellence is a journey
Perfection is the destination

In sum, the pursuit of excellence is what defines those who join F3. We are here not only to better ourselves but also to give to others. So, as Bill and Ted have said “Be excellent to each other.”

COT: Lifted up thoughts re: people impacted by Hurricane Ida and for those trying to leave from Afghanistan.