Stranger Things

Date: 12.1.22
AO: downrange Camera Park
PAX: Beaker Captain Crunch LeMond Noodles
Q: Noodles
Total: 4
FNGs: 0

WoR: Good Mornings x 15, Abe Vigodas x15, Runner’s Squat, Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins – SSH, Squat on every “Danger Zone”

Today was not my usual upper body, coupon heavy beatdown. I had to be creative to continue nursing a bothersome shoulder. Still, I am confident that this combination did its thing in keeping us warm while moving and maintaining a good focus on core exercises and routines.

Thang 1: One mile mosey around the outside of the AO. Stopped at C.O.O.T.E.E. to perform Growing Pains:

30 BBSUs- 4 count
30 LBCs – 4 count
30 Superman Hold – 4 count

Thang 2: Proud Mary by CCR
BBSUs to begin until “Rolling”
-> Gas Pumps until “Rolling”
-> Flutter Kicks until “Rolling”
-> Gas Pumps until “Rolling”
-> Rinse and repeat

Thang 3: Reverse Crunches x30, Partner Shoulder Taps x30 – In plank position facing each other. First PAX begins their 30 Taps by reaching out and touching their partner’s shoulders and maintaining a 4 count as they alternate between shoulders. Second PAX maintains plank position until first PAX is done. Then, second PAX does their 30 and first PAX planks.

MoM: For time – Thighmasters (Suzanne Somers’), Cobra Hold, Bird Dog

CoT: Prayers for Archive and his family as they go through difficult time with passing of a loved one. Prayers for all PAX that have recovered from injury. Prayers for continued protection from injury as we approach cold weather and freezing temperatures.

T-Bone – UBU Monday

Backblast: UBUDate: 11/28/22

AO: #ao_mastodon

PAX: @Panhandle (respect) @Jolly (respect) @T-bone (respect) @Maj Crunch @LouGee @Pool Boy @Sparrow @Big Mac @Babe @Giggles @Spit Valve @Stock boy @Captain Crunch

FNGs: 0

Q: @T-bone

Total: 13WOR: SSH, neck rolls, mosey around parking lot with OYO arms at far end and OYO legs at the flagThe Thang: Murph, ruck (who joined in some cooties work at the end), runMoleskins: Be nice and speak truth.COT: Wheaton College, @Tortuga and others travels

Donkey Kong by Sparrow

Backblast: Donkey Kong Saturday
Date: 11/26/2022
AO: ao_mastodon
PAX: Sparrow Captain Crunch Crack Pink Drink Archive TBTF Heist @tb FNGs: 0
Q: Sparrow
Total: 9

Disclaimer: We’re all going to die. Let’s hope adult Simon-says isn’t your cause.

WOR: hard warmups for hard muscles:
One-Hundred-and-Twenty Side Straddle Hops. (Blame it on the boogie.) Several Real, actual workouts

Thing 1: Donkey Kong
PAX roll down hoffa while one man runs upward, jumping over the PAX. When you’ve successfully rolled to the bottom, you become the jump man. This was mostly a horrible idea, because dizzy.

Thing 2: julie Andrews
Do: Merkin
Ray: Sit-up
Me: get-up
Fa: Run in place
Sol: Bonnie Blaire
La: side straddle hop
Ti: Star jump
Do: Merkin
Julie calls out the exercises in cadence. It’s fine until she says “let’s try it a little faster…”

Musical Bears:
Like musical chairs, except there’s no music and you have to bear crawl around the circle when you finish your reps. “Boxing is like ballet, except there is no music and the dancers try to hit each other.”

Table presses:
50 minus your age

Super Mario: lots of table step overs.

The Heimlich maneuver:
Named for a life saving innovation that often induces vomiting.
Split into two teams. Walk to the top of Hoffa. Barrel roll down the hill, and then race to the top.

7 minutes of Mary
Pax choice

Moleskin: we have not because we ask not. Ask, and it will be given to you. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened to you.

Panhandle Q: A Cold Morning at the Spa

Date: 11/19/2022
AO: #ao_tarpit
PAX: @Panhandle, @Hershey, @Jolly, @Tortuga, @Cheese, @Big Mac, @Katniss, @T-bone @TBTF @8-Track @Da Vinci @LeMond
FNGs: 0
Q: @Panhandle
Total: 12
1. Warmorama: jog around the parking lot, arm circles, leg stretches, move to "spa" and then mosey around the school (up and down stairs)
2. Thang: PAX pair up and go through round of exercises, after which they run a tour of the school stairs; repeat until time expires. Exercises are as follows:

  • blockies (20 per)
  • squats (40 per)
  • merkins (40 per)
  • bonnie blairs (40 per; 1-is-1)
  • BBSs (40 per)
  • Tricep extensions (40 per)
  • curls (40 per)
  • leg raises (40 per)

Most got through 3 roundsMoleskin
Sometimes you get news that completely derails vocational or family plans and sometimes in leadership you have to deliver that news–look for wisdom and grace on both sides of that.Prayer:
Shiplap sells his house
Wheaton College
@T-bone‘s sister (divorce)

11/15/2022 – First Snow Beatdown


First snow beatdown

Date: 11/15/2022

AO: #ao_mastadon

PAX: @Tortuga @Spit Valve @Da Vinci @Katniss @Crack @Dilbert @Hershey @Aloha @Jolly @Shiplap @Hancock @Stock boy @Panhandle @T-bone @Big Mac @Captain Crunch

FNGs: 0

Q: @Double Dip

Total: 171.

Warmorama: side straddle hops, hip flexor stretch, squats, tricep stretch, forward arm circles, backward arm circles, mountain climbers2.

The Thang-
One lap around Northside the long way ending at the base of Hoffa
Rotation of
10 Merkins
10 Plank Jacks
10 Squats
. . . for 10 round for a total or 100 reps of each excercise.

One more lap around Northside the long way doing the snowball death march. Person at the back makes a snowball and tries to hit whoever was in front of them. If they fail they have to do a pushup and make a snow angel before running to the front of the line.

Finished it off with 50 legs raises at the base of Hoffa.Moleskin:

When we think about time we might think we have 10 years left with someone who will live for that much time but when we think about how often we see them we may realize that could be something like 10 weeks. (if you see them for one week each year). Often the actually time we have left with others is less then we think so make it count and be present!

Prayer Requests: @Shiplap house sale, sickness and colds going around, specifically for children with respiratory illnesses, and full hospitals, @Panhandle difficult meetings and conversations. (edited)

Backblast: Q School

Backblast: Q School

Date: 11/17/2022

AO: #ao_mastadon

PAX: @Shiplap @Sparrow @Spit Valve @Dilbert @Hershey @Majorette @Dogear @Spokes @LeMond @Bo-Peep @Big Mac @Tortuga @T-bone @Jolly @Giggles @Panhandle @Stock boy @Da Vinci @Archive @Katniss

FNGs: 0

Q: @Shiplap
Total: 20

1st F Q @T-bone thought it was a good idea to get a Q school on the books to reinforce Q best practices and show some newer PAX the reason why being a Q is so important.

Welcome to F3. This workout is free of charge, open to all men, held outdoors rain or shine heat or Cold, led by men who participate in a roaring fashion, and ends with a circle of trust

I am not a professional. I don’t have any knowledge of your injuries or fitness considerations. It’s each persons responsibility to be safe and modify as necessary if you need too.

WOR: A pearl on the string warm up
SSH x 25, mosey, merkins x 15, Burpees IC x 10, mosey, squats x 25, mosey

Thang: Short Dora
50 burpees, 100 merkins, 150 squats.
While one PAX Bernie’s to the light pole their partner accumulates reps of the exercises. Flip and rinse and repeat until all reps are completed.

Cool down: The Q called out a PAX to perform a proper cadence with a desired exercise. Mosey back to the flag

6MOM: flutter kicks IC x 25, American hammers IC x 25, BBSU IC x 25, LBC IC x 25, leg lifts IC x 25

Moleskin: don’t keep secrets from your spouse including voicing your feelings and needs

11/18/2022 – Crunchy, Snowy, Windy.

Backblast: Friday Run Club

Date: 11/18/22

AO: #ao_ground_zero

PAX: @Toto @Pool Boy @Topham @Beaker @Double Dip @Tortuga @Cheese @Banks @Shiplap @Katniss @pacecar @Crack

FNGs: 0

Q: @Crack

Total: 12

Thang: Most ran north, @Shiplap and @Banks walked to 7Eleven for coffee… @pacecar scared a deer and wanted to catch it.

Moleskin: The quote that YHC was planning on sharing, and completely forgot, has to do with making decisions. Soren Kierkegaard stated, “Do not fly so high with your decisions that you forget that a decision is but a beginning.”

COT: @Banks 2.0 turns 10 today, @Crack‘s M dealing with tendonitis making work challenging, prayers for family interactions and our roles during this holiday where we should be giving thanks. (edited)

11/16/2022 – IN CADENCE

Backblast: IN CADENCE
Date: 11/16/22
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Panhandle (respect!), @T-bone (respect!), @Jolly (respect!), @Tortuga (respect!), @Giggles, @Sparrow, @TBTF, @Big Mac, @Shiplap, @Pool Boy
FNGs: 0
Q: @Pool Boy
Total: 10


  1. Good Mornings
  2. Side Straddle Hops
  3. Overhead Triceps Stretch
  4. Quad Stretch
  5. OYO Misc. Stretching
  6. 1 Lap of the Track (slow)

The Thang:
On the track, exercises at the corners, single-hand farmers carry 100m between. All exercises IN CADENCE, ~20 reps

  1. Coupon Swing
  2. Curls (with 3-count pause in middle of rep)
  3. Goblet Squat (with 3-count pause at bottom)
  4. Overhead Press
  5. Coupon Lunges (2 is 1)
  6. Triceps Extensions (with 3-count pause in middle of rep)
  7. Coupon Plank (60-80 seconds)
  8. Overhead Coupon Hold (elbows straight)

PAX divide into two groups – group 1 runs a lap while group 2 planks. Then groups switch.
Finisher: 1 lap, sprint the straightaways, jog the curves

Moleskin: Always be checking yourself for pride. It crops up everywhere, in every part of life. An effective way to combat pride: “What do you have that you did not receive?” (1 Cor. 4:7) Humility isn’t pretending we’re worse than we are; rather it’s realizing that anything good we have, are, or can do – it all comes from God.


  1. Shiplap’s house (pray old house will sell)
  2. TBTF vasectomy (discernment about whether to move forward, safety)

Backblast: Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS

Date: 11/10/22

AO: Camera Park

PAX: @LeMond @Toto @Noodles @Beaker

Q: @Beaker

Total: 4

FNGs: 0

WOR: Motivators x7, Tappy Taps x15, Mountain Climbers, Overhead claps x60, Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang: Tortoise and the Hare BOMBS

Partner A performed a set of reps while the partner B farmer carries two coupons along the 0.5 mi loop. When partner A completed the assigned reps, he ran to catch up with Partner B, flip flopped and repeated.

Sets of the following exercises were performed. Each set was used 5x before moving on to the next set:

5 Burpees (total of 50/pair)

10 Outlaws (total of 100/pair)

15 Merkins (total of 150/pair)

20 Big boi situps (total of 200/pair)

25 Squats (total of 250/pair)

Each pair got through BOM and finished during the M.

Moleskin: Your most important relationships are ones that give you a name (husband, father, son of God). These names are who you are, they are not taken away. Live into them.

COT: Prayers for the student at @Noodles school.