Front Street Garage

Nice day for an early concurrent Ruck/Run club. Started with WoR then split into Run/Ruck groups. Good start and good finish. I was a bit puzzled by the John Doe that joined out he group at NoR, courtesy of @Sparrow as reported by the unidentified John Doe. Perhaps it worth mentioning to prospects that it’s good to show at the start of a workout. Of course, I am just kidding @Sparrow. We welcomed the John Doe and invited him to join us at a future beatdown!

WoR: Good mornings, Tappy Taps, R/L/C stretch, Squat stretch

Thang #1 – PAX started on West and rucked Front St. Garage. PAX started with the following at the bottom of the garage:

25 Merkins

PAX then moseyed and ascended to top of garage and performed:

Squats – x25

Time did not allow for much else. Moseyed back to AO Mastodon. We covered some distance and were light on the PT today.

NoR: @Jolly, @Sparrow, @Cookies, @Tortuga, @Banks, @Shiplap, @BigMac, @Babe @Noodles

CoT: Praise for @Cookies’ start in his new job position. Prayers for @BigMac’s co-worker undergoing surgery. Continued prayers for @Bloomer.

Backblast 2/24/2021 (Billy Madison Workout)

Challenge: Complete k-12 in 45 minutes.

15 PAX showed up for class, in attendance:


Motivators (x7); good mornings; arm circles

Run up the wheel with coupons.

Each grade consists of an exercise and a question aimed at students of that grade level. Graduation from each grade to the next requires running down and back up the wheel.

Kindergarten: Little Baby Crunches (50) (How many PAX are in attendance?)

1st Grade: Hodors (20) (Laura has 7 cupcakes. Jeremy eats 2. How many does Laura have left? 5; What does Jeremy have? A black eye.)

2nd Grade: skull crushers (25) (Which is not a state of matter? Solid, Color, Liquid, Gas)

3rd Grade: Star Jumps (30) What is the name for someone who studies dinosaurs? (Paleontologist)

4th Grade: Blockbees (11) 44 divided by 4

5th Grade: Bonnie Blairs (27) 5 and 2/5 into an improper fraction.

6th Grade: Wall climbers (6) Give number and symbol for Carbon (6, C)

7th Grade: Coupon swings (20) Obnoxious is to pleasant as radiant is to: (dull, bright, loud, quiet, soft)

8th Grade: Coupon curls (70) 4x-10=18, what is x? (7)

9th Grade: Big Boy Situps (90) What’s the formula for area of a circle? (pi)r^2

10th Grade: Merkins (100) What gas is needed for photosynthesis (Carbon Dioxide)

11th Grade: Air Squats (110) What is the belief that the US has the right to occupy all of America? (Manifest Destiny)

12th Grade: Flutter Kicks (120) SAT Vocab: What is an antonym for enervating (feeling energized, like after an F3 workout or after finishing all of school in 45 minutes)

Graduation Ceremony: Your coupon is your diploma, hold it high (rifle carry) and walk back to the parking lot.

Moleskin: Unlike Billy, you’re likely not a drunk who may fail to inherit his father’s business, but like Billy, working towards a clear objective in a community is pretty helpful. Thanks to F3 for helping me do better during COVID along several dimensions.

CoT; Prayer: Energy, focus, perseverance, Bloomer’s son, Jazz Hand’s friend

SuperDora 02/23/2021 @ AO MASTODON

Knowing that it has been cold lately and there is a LOT of snow and ice on the ground that will be in various states of melting due to the warmer temperatures, the challenge was to create a workout that left the PAX warm and not too wet for coffeeteria. It turns out that the snow was not melty, but instead was packed down firmly with a nice crust on top.

YHC has always been a fan of the Dora, but the Exicon came up short while planning this workout so a new Dora was born, the SUPERDORA. Answering the new challenge were many of the stalwart HIMs: Big Mac, Bloomer, Cookies, Da Vinci, Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Panhandle, Saga, Shiplap, TBTF, T-bone (first RESPECT workout!), Tortuga.

Warmorama was a simple classic to get the blood pumping: motivators, goofballs, and a quick lap of high knees around the parking lot while the Q explained the beatdown.

Queue the SuperDora:

Instead of pairs, the entire PAX was challenged to complete exercise reps with interspersed bursts of cardio. (up to 4 exercises between cardio, the PAX chose various strategies)

Cardio options were: run up or down Hoffa, Run to the cooties/SHOP or back (convenient if targeting one of the exercises that are executed there), 15 Burpees, 25 Star Jumps, 30 Mountain climbers

Exercise rep targets were determined by number of PAX to show. The Q failed at math and targeted about 2000 reps per PAX to spread around. It should have been half of that. The board was prepared with 72 marks per exercise group, each mark originally representing 75 reps which the Q revised to 60 reps, it really should have been 30 reps per mark.

Categories and exercises available per type:

4320 – Chest/shoulders: Derkins, Chest press, Picnic table press

4320 – Back/shoulders: Bent over coupon rows, Inverted rows, Pull ups

4320 – Mary: Leg raises, American Hammers, jumping crunches or imperial walkers

4320 – Legs: Weighted squats, Calf raises (4 = 1), Pistol squats

4320 – More: Kettlebell swings, Coupon Curls, Rifle carry (4 paces = 1)

There was a bit of confusion at the beginning, but the PAX quickly figured out their strategies and started their exercises. After a few minutes YHC noticed it was rather quiet, the grunts of hard work and an odd picnic table being dropped were about all that broke the silence. Thankfully Shiplap had already taken matters into his own hands and came back from his rifle carry to the car with Jock Jams pulsing, this clearly invigorated the PAX and they picked up the pace.

Nonetheless, the absurd number of reps planned were not coming off of the board fast enough and ⅔ of the way through the beatdown the Q called “double credit” and each set of 60 reps took 2 marks from the board. Alas, it was too little, too late and we ran out of time with quite a few marks on the board. At least we didn’t run out of exercises before the end of our time.

The People That You Meet in The Exicon! – Jolly 2/20/2021

10 Pax (including Kringle and Sunshine who stopped in from Geneva) showed up on a beautiful Saturday morning at AO Mastodon for a meet and greet with 19 celebrities of the Exicon!

WOR: Abe Vigoda, Michael Phelps, Matt Biondi, Daniel-Son, Joe Louis, LL Cool J

Thang 1

Wilt Chamberlain: 100 LBCs, 100 yd sprint, 100 Squats, 100 yd sprint, 100 Flutter Kicks, 100 yd sprint, 100 Lunges, 100 yd sprint.

Thang 2

Celebrity Planks: Annie, Capt Morgan, Nolan Ryan, Travolta, Johnny Cash

Thang 3

Sheldon Cooper: 10 Pam Andersons, 10 Baryshnikov Squats, 10 Chuck Norris Merkins, 10 Bonnie Blairs. Lap around the parking lot. Repeat with 9 of each, then 8…down to 1

Thang 4

Mary: James Bond, Weezy Jefferson, Captain Thor

NOR: Jäzz Händz, Cookies, TBTF, Captain Crunch, Archive, DBC, Kringle, Sunshine, Sparrow, Jolly

COT: Praise for

Jäzz Händz

’s M being offered a new job. Prayers for

Jäzz Händz and his friend’s husband currently in a coma. Prayers for Captain Crunch as he continues to be in an extremely busy time at work. Prayers for Archive and everyone who has given up something for Lent.

Prayer Ruck for Wheaton 02/15/2021 @ AO Mastodon

Ruck day does not always have to be hard, but it will always be work!

Another Shackleton, eight PAX accepted the challenge to lift up our community in prayer: @Archive, @Banks, @Crack, @Cookies, @Da Vinci, @Katniss, @Shiplap, @Sparrow.

Warmorama inspired by @Jolly’s VR boxing video, we worked the (imaginary) small bag, took down our virtual opponents on both sides.

The Q hoped in vain for clear sidewalks, instead we made our way the best we could in and out around the perimeter of the AO, praying for the community as we traveled. We prayed for:
– Our neighbors, and the PAX
– Our local churches
– Our local government
– Disadvantaged, refugees, and the poor among our community
– First responders
– Healthcare workers
– Veterans and active military
– Schools and educators
– Our families

Arriving back at the #AO-Mastodon-flag and #OG-Wheaton-flag, we had some extra time so we knocked out some quick warm-down of Mary and Merkins.

Moleskin: It can be easy to get distracted when we pray, wanting to reach out to someone that comes to mind or check up on something. There is nothing wrong with that, but we can’t let that keep us from returning to prayer, for that is where the difference is made.

COT: We have many folks among the PAX that need prayer, keep lifting them up.

Wheaton College Campus Run

As I prepared for my first Q at AO Ground Zero, I spent some time looking for potential routes this morning. I thought what better way to appreciate a good run than to visit the Wheaton College campus. We ran and saw the campus as well as crept past @Big Mac’s home. 8 PAX took on this morning’s run. Today also served as a reminder that even a seasoned Q gets the jitters when taking on something new. No PAX were hurt on this run as I was reminded that there was no disclaimer! Thankfully, I have this group to keep me in check. Great job @Panhandle for keeping pace and a strong finish! You kept me on my toes!

The Thang (Route):

NoR: @Panhandle, @Shamu, @Banks, @Shiplap, @Whittler, @Tortuga, @Jolly, @Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for safe travels as Banks’ M travels to St. Louis and Tortugas’ M and daughters fly back home. Continued motivation and drove as many PAX push through the monthly challenges (pull ups & weight loss).

Dueling Doomsday Clocks

Backblast, Tuesday, 2/9/21, 5:30 AM, AO Mastodon

It was definitely a Shackleton today. As I arrived at 5:21, the parking lots had not yet been plowed, but a plow was hard at work. By 5:26, I was able to pull into a plowed spot by the tennis courts. The plow was still clearing the rest of the lot as other PAX pulled in. The driver commented, “I thought you were a gang or something.”

WOR: motivators, tappy taps, goof balls, jog to cooties.

Thang one:

Two stations, teams of three. Station One: pull ups and jump squats. Station Two: Bulgarian Split Squats and SSH. The team member at each station stayed in motion doing the first exercise switching exercises as needed. Third team member ran around the obelisk circle to station one. Members rotated through the stations. (Continued this until QIC finished his 50 strict pull ups.)

PAX were encouraged to recite James while at stations. I think we got through verse eight a few times.

Thang two: Dueling Doomsday Clocks, part one

Moseyed back to the tennis court lot. Two groups for Dueling Doomsday Clocks. Each group formed a circle. At the start signal, each PAX got into the plank position. One PAX did one merkin and returned to the plank, then the PAX on his right did one merkin and returned to the plank, after all PAX in the clock did one merkin, the starting PAX did two merkins, etc. Once a PAX was unable to hold the plank or complete the merkins, he was out of the clock and began doing squats. As soon as one group was down to two remaining PAX, the round ended. One group got up to 10 merkins.

Thang three: Dueling Doomsday Clocks, part two

Moseyed to the pool lot. Repeated clocks with new groups and flipped the script. Clocks started in the squat position. First PAX did one squat, then returned to the squat hold with arms above the head. Eliminated PAX planked. (I was the first out on my team.) We had to call it a tie as time ran out.

NOR: Saga, Banks, Davinci, Whittler, Shiplap, Sparrow, Katniss, Beaker, Big Mac, Jolly, Cookies, Crack, and Tortuga (Q)

COT: Lifted up Hot Box’s M, TBTF with a rough work schedule this week, and Bloomer and Captain Crunch’s 2.0s.

Sparrow sang the praises of hand warmers and made an altar call (forgiveness and salvation being even better news than hand warmers).

Backblast 2/3 The PAX Learn to Count

7 PAX gathered at AO Tar Pit on a brisk Wednesday morning for a beatdown orchestrated by YHC, Beaker.


Motivators ic x7

Abe Vigodas ic x15

Tappy taps ic x10

Arm circles OYO

Thang 1a Bataan death march:

The Pax moseyed on the road from the bleachers, around the parkway/peninsula and back to the bottom of the sledding “hill”, occasionally stopping for some burpees.

Thang 2a Bear crawl 1-2-3s:

Partners worked together to complete 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 squats. While one partner was performing the exercises, the other bear crawled to the pine tree and back.

Thang 1b Bataan death march revisited:

More moseying, more burpees; we returned to our coupons at the bleachers.

Thang 2b 1-2-3s revisited:

After bringing our coupons to the base of the hill, partners completed 100 overhead presses, 200 side lunges, and 300 coupon rows. While one partner worked on the exercises, the other ran to the top of the hill and back, completing 3 SSHs at the top.


Katniss, Tortuga, Banks, Noodles, Shiplap, Big Mac, Beaker


Thanks for bodies that work, prayers for T-Bone’s root canal today, prayers for a leak in Beaker’s roof/siding, Prayers for fat campers in their fourth week as the weight loss challenge begins to drag on, prayers for the sword swallowers as they dig in to James 1.

“Stairway to Mary” aka “Mary’s Ladder” 01/30/2021 @ AO TARPIT


This workout was advertised as having stairs and having Mary, several brave HIMs accepted the challenge.

Quick Warmorama with Motivators gave way to a trek around the football field carrying sandbags on the extended ladder. 4 PAX at a time, cycling through so everyone gets warm.

Landing at the base of the stairs for the Thang, the less literal ladder on the board was revealed. PAX were given choices of Mary with a quantity that needed to be populated onto the board in multiplier slots from 1 to 10 then back down to 1. As the rules were explained there was significant chatter requesting clarifications, and whether we would be able to complete the entire ladder.

Here is how it worked.


  1. PAX would note the exercise posted on the board, including the multiplier, running up the stairs and completing all reps at the top of the hill, then running back down the paved slope (driveway).

  2. Back at the board, for each PAX if there was already another exercise posted that they have not completed then they would repeat step 1 with that exercise.

  3. If a PAX returns to the board and they have completed all posted exercises then they choose a new exercise to post in the next available slot and perform a “posting fee” of 30 burpees or 30 sandbag exercises (squats, curls, rows, overhead presses, etc.) then proceed with step 1 based on the exercise they just posted.

Here is what the PAX chose:

1 x 100 100s

2 x 5 Plank Up-Downs (High low plank)

3 x 10 BBSUs

4 x 20 LBCs

5 x 15 Dollys

6 x 30 Leg Raises (thanks @Saga)

7 x 5 Flutter Kicks (4ct=1)

8 x 5 American Hammers

9 x 5 Crunchy Frogs

10 x 20 LBFC (thanks @Captain Crunch)

9 x 1 Plank Up-Downs (High low plank)

8 x 10 Leg Raises

7 x 40 LBCs

6 x 10 Manatees

Incomplete exercises left hanging that would have filled 5-1

20 Flutter Kicks (4ct=1)

20 BBSUs

25 Dollys

20 American Hammers

15 Crunchy Frogs

Warning to all, this workout will be brought again, probably sometime late spring and summer with more choices thrown in, including more of the much needed back exercises to balance them out.

BACKBLAST for 1/30/21 – “Jäzz Händz made us do several hard things and a couple other things too”

11 PAX (Archive came for first half, conveniently replaced by Banks ) gathered in the partly cloudy gloom of the last beatdown in January. YHC had some thoughtful beatdown options planned, 2/3 of Thangs went as planned…1/3 was a little lackluster due to unforeseen snow drift interruptions. Here’s what ensued:

Motivators (7)
Bat Wings IC (15 each)
• 15 x Forward Arm Circles, hold,
• 15 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold,
• 15 x seal claps, hold,
• 15 x overhead claps.
Daisy Pickers

20 seconds left, right, center

Bears, Baseball, Battlestar Galactica @ baseball diamond
Each set of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s joined up and manned a “battle station” (a base of the baseball diamond) with their coupons, and had to collectively complete a shared amount of reps of that station’s exercises. See below. The intention was to bear crawl from station to coupon station and do a coupon drag between exercises. The backup option was to leave the coupons in place. Somehow YHC was swayed to let PAX rifle carry their coupons from station to station avoiding the bear crawls. No matter, we made up for it with Thang 3…

Execution: first station with PAX to collectively complete that station’s reps, call out “Battle Stations!” and scramble to next station (rifle carry coupons and mosey).

1. FIRST BASE – Overhead Presses (75) + Get-Ups (50)
2. SECOND BASE – Kettle Bell Swings (75) + Big Boy Sit-ups (50)
3. THIRD BASE – Grave Diggers (75) + Mount. Man Poopers IC (50)
4. HOME BASE – Chest Presses (75) + Goof Balls IC (50)

Halfway through this rotation, seeing how Home Base’s exercises were going too fast, we doubled them to help other stations to get a chance to do their reps. Each group of PAX visited each station once, then after feeling rather deflated and unimpressed with himself, YHC Jazz Handz decided to call it, and move on to the next thing, also aiding in “moving things along” so we could have room for my trademark grand finale…

Let’s set some parameters…(we missed you today Noodles!)
Mosey, leader carries the Death Die. Long mile Bataan Death March, last pax chooses: does 5 burpees or 10 merkins. Catch up, tap rear PAX, catch front runner and assume control of death die and set pace for the collective mosey.

Halt at Dan Taylor Alley. SAGA rolled the Death Die.
• If 5 or 6, do those.
• If 1–4, roll again, add both rolls together.
SAGA rolled a 4 + 5, totalling a devastating 9x Dan Taylors that spanned nearly the whole length of this alley (ending with 9 squats, and 36 lunges).

(Reminder: Dan Taylors: 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio) until reaching final reps count set by QIC: 9 squats followed by 36 lunges).

Archive had to head to work at this point, and as if beckoned by the Nantan Spirits themselves, Banks appeared out of the gloom at just the right moment to assume the role of Archive. Simply impeccable timing! We resumed original order of the death march and rounded back towards home. End the death march at baseball diamond to assume control of our coupons once more for the grand finale, and everyone’s favorite…

Welsh Dragon (and they had BABIES since we last saw them!)

Mosey to WDL (Welsh Dragon Lair, behind the baseball diamond)
10x Welsh Dragon + coupon drag in the 6-inch+ of snow…very, very challenging!
• 4 bear crawl steps + coupon drag, 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 double shoulder tap
• 4 bear crawl steps + coupon drag, 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 double shoulder taps

Considering I heard some PAX’s moans/mumblechatter that their abs were killing them, I figured this was a good replacement for Mary for the final 10 minutes.

We all finished our WD’s “flawlessly” (ok, I think the majority of us modified and our knees dropped. Though several PAX said that if you stand, sit, squat, or get in your car, your knees aren’t technically dropped…very clever…) just in the nick of time and we wrapped up right at 8:00.

Slow, exhausted coupon-laden “mosey” (zombie walk) back to the flag for…


11 (10 + 1/2 + 1/2) Pax:
@Crack, @Jolly, 1/2 @Archive + 1/2 @Banks, @SAGA, @Smokey, @double Beef ‘n Cheddar, @Tortuga, @Crash, @K-pop, @Big Mac, and @Jäzz Händz QIC

• Praise: Jazz Handz’s M has been interviewing, good traction in the job search.
• Da Vinci finishing up home stretch of his book.
• Crack/Crash/K-pop’s friend lost their dad (uncle?), difficult time
• Jazz Handz’s boss’s niece lost her dad on her 8th birthday, devastating for this little girl. Lift her up, not sure if that family knows the lord.
• There was someone who was diagnosed with cancer.

I apologize for forgetting the details of some of these prayer requests, would be appreciative if someone filled in the details in the thread on Slack below.

Due to our faithful photographers Captain Crunch and Katniss not posting, we didn’t have any live-action photos but we did get the NoR on video afterwards, so I’ll post that soon.

Had a good time leading you PAX this morning. Thankful for your drive, and your consistency in coming. It helps me get out of bed on Saturday mornings. Have fun shoveling/snow blowing your driveways this evening—stay safe and warm!

Kevin Lipp