Backblast: Friday July 16 5:30am AO Ground Zero

13 Pax gathered on a near perfect morning to run

> WOR: top down warm-up – tricep stretch, Michael Phelps, quad stretch, runners stretch >
The Thang: we ran north on the path – varying speeds- no records were set – there was an interesting chase where Heist played the role of antelope to Tortuga’s lion – the outcome a forgone conclusion. >
> NOR: @shiplap, @whittler, @banks, @heist, @tortuga (respect), @toto (respect), @cheese (respect), @big Mac, @beaker, @jolly, @sparrow, @katniss, @t-bone (respect, Q) >
> Moleskin: 1) girls can be athletes too – encourage your daughters and your sons. 2) don’t get too caught up in language and labels – words like “social justice” and “evangelical” have been co-opted and often cause visceral reactions and divisiveness. Don’t put yourself and others in a box and don’t be afraid to have real conversations with people about big issues >
> COT: new jobs and more time in the office for many, @big Mac – parent solo, @archive job interview, others I may have forgotten but God hasn’t.

7/03/2021 – F3 AO Mastodon – Saturday Bootcamp

2 PAX in attendance – Cookies, TBTF (QIC)

We started off with a quick warm up consisting of SSH, Abe Vegoda’s, Picking Daisies, and Arm Circles.

We then took turns alternating a Farmer’s Carry of 2 coupons from the flag to the basketball courts.

Once we made it to the basketball courts we built our routine based on whether we made or missed various shots:
– Shot/Make/Miss
– Layup/25 Merkins/50 curls
– Free Throw/25 Merkins/25 Curls
– 3-Pointer/Mosey/25 Skull Crushers
– Half Court/10 count Jolly/Suicides

We did 4 rounds or 2 shots each PAX. In total we did 50 merkins, 275 curls, 100 skull crushers, 3 rounds of suicides, and 1 mosey

We then carried our coupons back to the flag

COT – Prayers to Cookies as he continues to prepare and pursue his calling, traveling PAX, and general good health

Leg Day 7.6.21

13 PAX gathered at AO Mastodon on a warm and beautiful July morning for a leg themed beatdown. QIC Beaker.

Motivators (x7, ic)
Tappy taps (x8 ic)
Quad stretch (oyo)
Derricks (x5 each leg, ic)
Tie fighters (20, ic)

Thang 1
do-ah-diddy to Dan Taylor alley for ultimate frisbee. The front runner did two mucho leg-os while the PAX passed them.

Thang 2
Couldn’t find the frisbee, so we Dan Taylor-ed to the baseball diamond. Not sure how many Dan Taylor it was for everyone, but YHC finished an 8 count.

Thang 3
Still in search of the frisbee, we did a Dora. Partner 1 travelled via bear crawl from fence to fence on the grass just outside of the baseball diamond (to protect Jolly’s soft hands) while partner one performed an exercise. Then partners switched. Rinse, lather, repeat until all exercises were completed. Total reps: 100 Bonnie Blairs, 200 dips, 300 spiced rum squats.

Mosey back to the flags.

NOR: Babe, Babysitter, Banks, Beaker (QIC), Cheese, Crack, Heist, Jolly, Katniss, Panda Express, Sparrow, T-Bone, Tortuga

Moleskin: Being a gracious father is one way for use to be little Christs in this world. In the midst of all of the other roles of a father, remember to be gracious and love your kids with the freedom you have been granted through Christ’s love for you.

You Do Murph Monday aka Heist’s VQ 2021.07


Heist, Sparrow, Cookies, Shiplap, Hotbox, Tortuga, Katniss, Jolly, Gummi Bear


– air squats

– merkins

– bent over rows

– curls for the girls (and for the arms race)

– arm circles


– Murph. Only Murph.


July 4th provides an opportunity to celebrate our country and the freedom’s we enjoy. What is freedom? Freedom is the capacity to choose wisely and to act well as a matter of habit (and virtue). When considering how to be free, we should remember the weaknesses and vices we must first conquer. St. Thomas Aquinas defines effeminacy (not to be confused with femininity) as an unwillingness to put aside pleasure in order to pursue what is difficult, and sloth as an aversion to what is difficult. In other words, the effeminate man skips the Murph because he enjoys sleeping in. The slothful man skips the Murph because he loathes the hard work of the Murph. We must conquer both of these weaknesses if we want to be properly free and choose the Murph (or any other good). So let’s be grateful for F3 for teaching us the discipline necessary to conquer weaknesses that limit our freedom, let’s be grateful for the freedoms we have inherited as citizens of this country, and let’s strive to be men that deserve what we have been given.


Prayers for . . .

– the Armenians that have recently encountered Sparrow and the Gospel for the first time,

– Cookie’s entering his last week of work,

– Tortuga’s wedding anniversary is today,

– Hotbox 2.0 has a birthday today,

– Heist is expecting a baby Sept 20.

Backblast: Thursday July 1, 5:30am AO Mastodon

15 Pax gathered to start the July Arms Race and then play some Ultimate Frisbee to recover from @Katniss’s Wednesday beatdown

WOR: Motivators (4), Goofballs (20), Tappy Taps (10), Quad Stretch

Thang 1: 4 rounds of 25 coupon curls

Thang 2: Split into teams and scout run to Dan Taylor alley – first team fully there receives to start the game.

Thang 3: Ultimate Frisbee – 6 on 7 (@hotbox and @saga did some non-running work). No injuries (except maybe to the pride of the larger team that lost 4-2). Mosey back to flags and coupon curl for the 6.

NOR: @achtung, @shiplap, @tbtf, @beaker, @crack, @cap’n crunch, @pandaexpress, @noodles, @saga, @jolly, @hotbox, @aloha, @katniss, @banks, @t-bone (Q)

Moleskin: Build little memories with your kids and spouse – it isn’t always about the big trips and big dollars – do little things together – they can still be meaningful – a little one on one time with a 2.0 or your M goes a long ways towards building great memories and having a healthy home life.

COT: Crack and T-bone have 2 newly minted 20yo 2.0’s, Travel blessings on Saga and Cap’n Crunch (and everyone else), Whittler job interview, House changes for Banks and a lot of job changes coming up for a number of pax.

Three’s Company

Thunderstorms and lightning subsided by the start of our run. Three PAX made run club as well as our four legged companion, Dooley Dog.

We ended up doing stairs and rounds between Front Street Garage and Willow Avenue Garage to get in a good run while still being mindful of thunderstorms and lightning.


CoT: Prayers for the overall health of PAX, most recently Shiplap’s heel. Prayers for Cooper’a continued recovery. Prayer’s for Shiplap as he continues to look for a new home/community. Praise God for the job opportunity that he has presented me. Prayer’s for my M as she continues to battle depression and recover from hospitalization.

Backblast – Saturday, 6/12/21 – AO Tarpit – “You’ve been served”

WOR- In cadence- Batwings, stretch, split into two groups, give each group a volleyball and see how many volleys each group can do without the ball touching the ground. After each hit do some burpees (1, 2 or 3). This did not work well.

Mosey via Indian run to Ackerman Park Volleyball Court.

With the two teams from earlier play volleyball, but after each time touching the ball do a burpee and if your team loses a point do two.

Mosey back to the flag, do some Mary.

Moleskin – So much glory in the mundane, don’t miss it.


14 PAX came out – @Sparrow @Beaker @Panhandle @Draper(respect) @Hotbox @Tortuga(respect) @Heist @SAGA @Shiplap (Happy Birthday) @Cheese(respect) @Cookies @Jolly @Katniss @Big Mac

BACKBLAST: 6/8/2021 @ AO Mastodon

23 PAX came out on a warm, humid Tuesday morning. @Shiplap took 8 of our newer PAX (Aloha, Babe, Binford, BOGO, Cheese, Getaway, Heist, Panda Express) along with @ Sparrow for some VQ training. I took the remaining 13 PAX (Banks, Beaker, Big Mac, Bloomer, Crack, Hotbox, Jolly, Katniss, Panandle, Tbone, TBTF, Tortuga, Whittler) for a regular Tuesday beat down.


Motivators (first time I’ve made it through without screwing them up!)

Arm Circles – in cadence

Michael Phelps – OYO

Tappy Taps – in cadence


Indian Run to far baseball field


11s – Burpees/Merkins. Started along the right field foul line with 1 Burpee and ran about 100 feet for 10 Merkins. Repeat increasing Burpees and decreasing Merkins until 10 burpees/1 Merkin.


Catch Me if You Can – PAX partnered up. One PAX started running backwards while the other did 5 Bobby Hurley’s. After completing the Bobby Hurleys you sprint to catch your partner and switch. We did this back to the base of Hoffa


More 11s – American Hammers/BBSU. American Hammers at the base of Hoffa – BBSU at the top. Finished off a humid sweaty morning with a man rise up Hoffa.


Praise for Tortuga and his M and the progress that has been made along with prayers for continued progress. Prayers for Babe and his M and the 2.0 on the way tomorrow! Prayers for Noodles and his job search.

Backblast 6/3/21 5:30 @ AO Mastodon “Dirty MacDuece and Resurrection Bunnies

QIC: Beaker
21 faithful PAX gathered on this beautiful morning for a beatdown.

WAR: We started with a 1/2 mile jog around the short loop to warm up our legs. We followed up with tappy taps (x5), hamstring stretching on each leg, Morrocan night clubs (x17 ic) , a shirtless Sparrow, Michael Phelps, and arm across chest stretches.

Thang 1: Dirty MacDeuce
4 sets of 3 exercises, each done in cadence to a four count. In between each set the PAX went up Hoffa AYG, back down as recovery and then held low plank for the 6.
Set 1: Merkins, American hammers, goblet squats
Set 2: Derkins, mountain climbers, Bonnie Blairs
Set 3: Overhead presses, shoulder taps, monkey humpers
Set 4: Standing skull crushers, flutter kicks, Blarts

Thang 2: Animal walks
YHC defined a quadrangle in the field at the base of Hoffa. The PAX travelled from corner to corner on the perimeter of the quadrangle in four animal walks. At each corner, 10 mucho leg-os were performed. The animal walks were: 1) resurrection bunnies, 2) duck walk, 3) crab walk, 4) bear crawl.

NOR: Aloha, Katniss, Sparrow, Bloomer, Whittler, Heist, Archive, Panda Express, Babe, Ralphy, Yankee, Jolly, BOGO, Hotbox, T-bone (respect), Banks, SAGA, Da Vinci, Gummi Bear, Beaker, Tortuga (respect)

COT: We prayed for injuries and illnesses and praise for a beautiful morning.

Gummi Bear was awarded a trophy and beverages for winning the FNG/Kotter drive.

BACKBLAST: Wednesday, June 2, 2021 “Futfall” 5:30AM @ AO Tarpit

13 PAX in attendance: @Panhandle @Banks @Rainman @Noodles @Shiplap @Big Mac @Da Vinci @Whiddler @Jolly @Katniss @Milk Duds @T-bone @Tortuga

WOR: 20 count side-straddle-hop in cadence/ Abe Vigodas (OYO) / butt kickers and high knees / Stretch quads and calves

Mosey to field, burpee broad-jump across and lunge back

Thang: Futfall – Split into two teams, play soccer but every time you kick the ball you need to do 1 burpee, 2 pushups or 3 sit-ups. Every time your team scores increment number of burpees by 1, pushups by 2 or sit-ups by 3. If the ball touches the track the responsible team all does 5 burpees.

Valient effort all around but the bad-guys win 4 to 3.

Moleskin: Joy is a manifestation of the fruit of the spirit. This group cultivates that for me.

Prayer: A year ago @Milk Duds came out of surgery for cancer. Couldn’t walk, now is in better shape than prior to the surgery. Praise God! @Noodles, thankful for interview opportunities.