Backblast: 2 Year Maniversary

Backblast: 2 Year Maniversary
Date: 1/04/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Shiplap @Jolly @Beaker @Spokes @Da Vinci @Gummi Bear @Sparrow @Tortuga @Hancock @Panhandle @8-Track @T-bone @Giggles @Captain Crunch (AJ) @Katniss
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 15
Conditions: unusually warm 34 degree dayWarm-O-Rama:

  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Tin Soldiers IC
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC

The Thang: Dora B.O.M.B.S.
PAX partnered up.
PAX 1 did 22 Thrusters then ran to second entrance of first parkin lot and back
PAX 2 worked the 4 corners of the WOR parking lot and completes 22 Overhead claps IC, 22 Merkins, 22 BBSU, 22 SquatsEach round the PAX decreased the reps x 2COR/NOR/COT: I should have done this BB within 24 hours so I would have remembered the COT. – note to selfMoleskin: Life is all about consistency. You will have good days and bad, but over the course of time being consistent will help you reach your goals.

Backblast: Total Body Workout

Backblast: The Total Gym
Date: 1/12/2022
AO: #ao_tar_pit
PAX: @Shiplap @Spokes @Panhandle @Tortuga @8-Track @TBTF @Banks
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 7
Conditions: warm – even warmer on the headed ramp!
WOR: SSSH, good balls, arm circles, Michael Phelps, picking daiseysThang: Total Body Workout
The beatdown took place at the ramp. The bottom of the ramp was the leg circuit and the top was the upper body. After you finished the circuit on the top you ran 5 hills (modified to 3) before you can start the other circuit.Lower Body Circuit:
10 Thrusters w/ sandbags, 20 Lunges, 30 SquatsUpper Body Curcuit
20 Merkins 30 OH Press, 40 Coupon press, 50 curls, 60 skull crushersCOT: prayers for @Tortuga daughter and the health of the PAXMoleskin: (edited)

Tortoise and the Hare

Backblast: Tortoise and the Hare Date: 1/13/22
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Bloomer, @Beaker, @Banks, @Tortuga, @Katniss, @Hancock, @Panda Express, @8-Track, @Jolly, @Captain Crunch (AJ), @Da Vinci, @Shiplap, @wet burrito, @Panhandle, @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Q: @Banks
Total: 15
Conditions: balmy 33 degrees

7x Motivators
15x Tin Soldiers IC
15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
12x Merkins IC

The Thang: Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S.
PAX partnered up and were offered the choice of farmer’s carrying 2 coupons or 1 sandbag. 1 PAX would carry the load while the other dropped and did an exercise and then ran to catch up, from there the PAX switched. Each PAX did the same exercise for 5 rounds and then they moved onto the next one. The exercises were:
5x Burpees
10x Outlaws
15x Merkins
20x BBS
25x Squats
We circled the short loop around the lake and each time the PAX crossed a bridge, they owed 30 blockees as a team before crossing. For those carrying a sandbag, they owed 20 Sandees.

Most PAX finished on Merkins or BBS

Prayers for Health and finishing the week strong, for Tortuga’s 2.0 in the DR, and for the F3 Prayer circle to continue going strong

Moleskin: The lesson of the Tortoise and the Hare is a good one. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you go, carry the burden, keep moving forward, and ultimately you will get to where you are headed.

Partner workout

Backblast: Partner workout
Date: tel:12/13/202/11/2022
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Bloomer, @Beaker, @Banks, @Cookies, @Tortuga, @T-bone, @Katniss, @Hancock, @Panda Express, @8-Track, @Jolly, @Captain Crunch (AJ), @Da Vinci FNGs: 13
Q: @Bloomer
Total: 13
Conditions: crisp 3 degrees
Warm up: windmills, squats, goofballs, arm circles, plank jacks

The Thang:
1. “I got up” push up challenge
2. Alternate air squats with a partner for 3 minutes
3. One partner runs the length of the parking lot and kicks the snow pile while the other works. Then switch.
– coupon Merkens, lunges with a coupon, coupon swings, big boy sit ups, shoulder press, curls, jump over coupon Burpee, thrusters, side straddle hop, tricep extensions

4. Alternate Abe exercises with a partner for 3 minutes

Moleskin: “Be completely humble, gentle and patient, bearing with one another in love so that you make unity of the Spirit” Eph 4:2

Backblast: 1/8/2022 @AO Tarpit

8 PAX (@Panhandle @T-bone @Jolly @Katniss @pillow mint @8-Track @Sparrow @Beaker) came out on a chilly Saturday morning for a Jolly Q. Banks is still under the weather so Jolly stepped in as an inferior substitute Q

Conditions: cold (in the teens)

WOR: Motivators, arm circles, picking daisies, a mosey around the parking lot.

Thang 1: Stairs and Burpees

We ran up the first staircase did 5 burpees, ran down the next staircase did 5 burpees, up the next 5 burpees etc….making our way around whole school for a total of roughly 80 burpees.

Thang 2: Slow in cadence reps. We did rounds of slow reps of one upper body exercise paired with an ab exercise. In addition, each PAX had the opportunity to call out burpees during the workout and make everyone do another 10 burpees. Several PAX took advantage of his option.

Round 1: 25 Merkins (slow count down) 25 leg lifts (slow count up) 25 Merkins (slow count up) 25 leg lifts (slow count down)

Ran down the hill and back up

Round 2: 25 Bent Over Rows (slow count up) 25 Dollys (slow count out) 25 Bent Over Rows (slow count down) 25 Dollys (slow count in)

Ran down the hill and Bernied back up

Round 3: 25 Skull Crushers (slow count up) 25 Big Boy Sit Ups (slow count up) 25 Skull Crushers (slow count down) 25 Big Boy Sit Ups (slow count up)

Ran down the hill and back up

Round 4: 25 Curls (slow count up) 25 Curls (slow count down) 10 Burpees (slow 6 count)

COT: prayers for Sparrow and his M’s pregnancy

Moleskin: Take the time to be thankful for the good things in your life. Don’t get too caught up on what you don’t have.

Old School Noodles Ruck

Backblast! Old School Noodles Ruck
Date: 12/27/2021
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Archive @8-Track @Tortuga @Jailbreak @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Noodles
Conditions: Dark and Gloomy. Smell of rain from last night.
Warm-Up: Motivators x5, Abe Vigodas x15, Tappy Taps x15

The Thang: Old School Noodles Ruck
Tortuga and 8-track hit the pavement running while the rest of us headed over to the pool parking lot. PAX performed the following exercises at opposite ends while shuffling in between exercises:

50 Merkins
100 Squats
150 Overhead Press
200 Burpees

Plank until Q calls time, Slow count flutter kicks w/ ruck …
Announcement 1 – Prayer circle to begin in January. HC in 3rd F channel. …

Name-O-Rama: Archive, 8-track, Tortuga, Jailbreak, Noodles

Moleskin: As we begin the last week of 2021 in preparation for 2022, let us reflect on all of the challenges and praise reports experienced by the PAX. Those challenges and praise reports are put in our path according to God’s plan. Remind us to give praise in the good and in the bad.

YDY Monday

YDY Monday

Date: 12/20/2021
AO: #ao_mastodon)
PAX: @Sparrow @TBTF @Noodles
FNGs: 0
Q: @Noodles
Conditions: Dark and Gloomy
Warm-Up: Don’t recall.

The Thang: Parking lot Ruck. PAX performed merkins at each end of the pool Parking lot. Shuffled in between.

NoR: Sparrow, TBTF, Noodles

Backblast: First Saturday Football “Triple Header”

Backblast: First Saturday Football "Triple Header"
Date: 12/18/2021
AO: #ao_tarpit
PAX: @Shiplap @Panhandle @Tortuga @Ralphy @wet burrito @pillow mint @Noodles @8-Track @Cheese @TBTF @T-bone @Banks @Katniss
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 13
Conditions: Misty and chillyWOR: OYO StretchTHANG: We mosied to Ackerman – played ultimate football – mosied backMoleskin: Enjoy all the moments with your family, especially the embarrassing ones!COT: Prayers for safe travels, injured PAX, and give us the wisdom to know when our bodies need rest in 2022 to help with injuries.

Backblast: Mega Dora

Backblast: Mega Dora
Date: 12/09/2021
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Shiplap @Captain Crunch (AJ) @Da Vinci @Archive @Hotbox @Spokes @Hancock @Beaker @Bloomer @Tortuga @Panda Express @Aloha @SAGA @Sparrow @8-Track @Giggles @T-bone @Big Mac @Katniss @Gummi Bear @Crack
FNGs: 0
Q: @Shiplap
Total: 21
Conditions: Rather MildWOR: Mosey, Merkins IC x 15, Mosey, Squats IC x 15, Mosey, SSH IC x 25, Mosey, Picking Daisey, OYO stretchThe Thang: Partner up – P1 runs hills/Holds while P2 Completes exercise. This was two dora’s with one being a Lazy Dora (no running) unless the PAX couldn’t hold the hold exercise any longerDora 1: Partner running the hill alternated between a regular sprint and a Bernie each time he ran
Exercises: 100 Merkins – 200 BBSU – 300 CurlsLazy Dora – Partner would hold a position while the other partner complete a number of reps then switch. If the holding PAX couldn’t hold any longer they both ran the hill
300 High Pulls – 30 reps at a time – partner held coupon out in front
200 Squats – 20 reps at a time – partner held a squat
100 Thrusters – 10 at a time – Partner held a rifle CarryCOT: Prayers for health PAX – guidance as we navigate through being dads, husbands, sibling etc

Moleskin: "Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just home I find it along the way." – Michael ScottThis is how life is. We never feel comfortable about the difference stages in life – we just need to pray and do our best, we will find it along the way.

Backblast: ‘What’s in a Name”

Date: 12/15/2021
AO: #ao_tarpit
PAX: @Panhandle @T-bone @Tortuga @Spokes @Shiplap @Big Mac @Katniss @TBTF
FNGs: 0
Total: 8
Conditions: mid 50s (beautiful for mid-December) and a little wetWOR:
T – The Side Shuffle Hop x25
B – Burpees x5 <slow>
T – Toe touches/picking daisies
F – Frankensteins x10THANG 1:
Mosey half way around the school building.
T – The Donetello (all 4 staircases)
O – One leg burpees – 5/leg
O – Obamas x10Mosey the remaining distance around school ending at the ramp.
B – Bear crawl up ramp
I – Indian Crab Walk down ramp
G – Grizzcalator – 1 merkin per stepMosey into the park.
T -Tony Hawk burpees (360 on the jump) x10
O – OPP – 1/2 PAX OH clap in peoples chair while other 1/2 mosey 2 light posts and complete 30 plank jacksMosey to the circle by the boathouse.
F – Flying Nuns around the sidewalk circle
A – American Hammer x25
I – Imperial Walkers x15
L – Lunges x10Mosey back to the flag.Moleskin: I believe I actually forgot to present this but this is what I had planned.
"Fail Fast". I first heard this early in my career and felt like it went against everything I was told up to that point (ie don’t fail, do everything right the first time, etc). The reality is everyone fails in some ways all the time whether it is family, relationships, faith, work, or anything else. Failing is why we succeed. "Failing fast" seeks to take the stigma out of the word "failure" by emphasizing that the knowledge gained from a failed attempt actually increases the probability of an eventual success. Don’t be afraid to fail..don’t even feel bad about it.COT: @Crack and @Tortuga friends who recently got COVID. I can not recall if there was another prayer but rest assured that God is all knowing and he heard us.