ao mastodon, 9/4/21

Since our Weasel Shaker kindly reminded me Friday afternoon that I was on Q for this workout, the creativity was not flowing. Regardless, I think we managed to find a solid workout in the midst of our wandering. 15 PAX showed up to explore the AO with me.

Side-straddle Hops IC – 25
Tappy Taps IC – 10
Arm Circles IC – 10 small forward, 10 small reverse, 10 large reverse, 10 large forward
Merkins IC – 10
Michael Phelps OYO while Q explained Thang 1

Thang 1 – Bataan Death March
PAX started to mosey clockwise around the AO. Last PAX in line dropped and performed 5 burpees then sprinted to the front. Repeat. We worked our way to Dan Taylor Alley in this fashion.

Thang 2 – Dan Taylors
PAX spread out across the width of the field, and then headed east performing Dan Taylors (1 squat, 4 walking lunges, 2 squats, 8 lunges, 3 squats, 12 lunges, etc.) until we reached the east end of the field.

Back to Bataan Death March – we continued our trek around the AO, stopping at the COOTIES station

Thang 3 – Station work
The PAX split into 3 groups. Each group started at one of the three stations, then rotated. The group at station 1 dictated when to rotate.
Round 1: Pullups (20 ea, 100 total), Atomic Merkins (AMRAP), Picnic Table Presses (AMRAP)
Round 2: Merkins (50 ea, 200 total), Dips (AMRAP), Super Mario (picnic table step-ups, AMRAP)

Thang 4 – Mary Hoffa
(At this point YHC was making things up on the fly, so the following may not be 100% accurate…)
PAX moved to the base of Hoffa and spread out.
Round 1: 50 Big Boi Sit-ups, run to top of hill, 50 Little Baby Crunches
Round 2: 50 American Hammers (2=1), run to top of hill, 25 WWI sit-ups
Round 3: YHC does not recall what reps were done, but all PAX were required to Bernie up the hill.

Time was called, PAX headed to the flag.

COT: Archive, Bad Debt, Captain Crunch, Cookies, Crash, Da Vinci, Dirty Laundry (FNG), Heist, Jailbreak, Jazz Hands, Minnie, SAGA, TBTF, Wet Burrito, Crack (Q)

Doughnuts kindly provided by Captain Crunch (penance for arriving late?) and Tortuga