September 9th Backblast

Had a great showing this morning for a good beatdown to work out that lactic acid buildup from yesterday’s IRON PAX.


Abe Vigodas
Arm Circles
Mountain Man Poopers


Coupon codes were generated by finding a partner and calculating half of their age. The coupon codes were then used as individual rep counts for the remainder of the beatdown.

Thang One: Pearls on a String. Using your generated coupon code as the rep count, one partner caries both coupons to the next light pole while the other partner runs ahead and starts on his reps. Reps swapped between merkins and squats, and the coupon-carrying partner helped the other on their reps if they got to the next light pole early.

Thang Two: Hoffa Estates

We had a beautiful time at Hoffa Estates! One partner runs up Hoffa and the other partner completes their coupon code reps of each round. After the 6 rounds, we repeated the rounds with a lunge walk to the path and back approximately 50 yards away.

Round 1 Reps: Thrusters
Round 2 Reps: Skull Crushers
Round 3 Reps: One Arm Rows
Round 4 Reps: Curls
Round 5 Reps: Rows
Round 6 Reps: Kettle Swings

We ended with a COT. Colossians 1 was referenced as the moleskin for the morning, but more specifically verses 15-23 are an awesome short synopsis of the gospel. Verse 22 has become a life verse for me, and a great pick me up when I’m feeling discouraged or accused.