It was warmer this morning than it’s been recently. Great conditions at AO Tar Pit to get a sweat going. We did not disappoint!

WOR: Done in silence to honor the fallen on 9/11. We did some reps, but no talking, no count.

NOR: Beaker, Jolly, Shiplap, Cookies, DaVinci, Tortuga( Respect) Rainman, 8 Track, Katniss (Q)

*at this point our ironpax makeup group (Beaker and DaVinci) disappeared into the gloom to complete their mission. The rest of us moseyed to the top of the hill in front of the school, in front of the half mast American flag.*

Thang 1: The Rising

In 2002 Bruce Springsteen released an album about 9/11. We used the title track “The Rising” about the firefighters’ POV that morning – mixing side straddle hop, merkins, people’s chair during the verse and blockbees during the chorus.

The rest of the workout is inspired by lyrics from this song and the efforts of the 343 fireman we lost that day. “Lost track of how far I’ve gone. How far I’ve gone, how high I’ve climbed. On my back’s a sixty pound stone. On my shoulder a half mile of line.”

Thang 2: 343

The firefighters on September 11 climbed countless flights (110 in total) to reach victims in the Twin Towers. Their gear can weigh in excess of 75 lbs. Coincidentally, about the weight of two coupons.


Partner up.

Both partners must summit a staircase, but one partner must farmer carry two coupons to represent the 75lbs of firefighter gear.

Perform 343 cumulative reps together. Do this for 4 brutal exercises:


-Overhead press


-Block merkins

Reps may only be done at the summit of a staircase

Only a max of 50 reps per partner before you must descend and pick another staircase

Do not repeat the same staircase until you’ve done at least one other staircase.


We did not complete the 343×4, but it was grueling all the same. Some groups made it through about half the total rep count. I heard mumble chatter like “I bet this was so much worse inside of a burning building.” Aye. Let’s give those men thanks.

Also let it be known, Shiplap broke a coupon on his march back to the flags. He may or may not have been trying to wheel his coupon back on his rolling speaker and said “Why haven’t I tried this before?” right before it cracked into pieces.

Moleskin: A recent WSJ article memorialized Todd Beamer, hero from AA Flight 93 on 9/11 (the guy who said “Let’s roll!”). The Airfone operator Todd spent 14 minutes relaying information to on the ground remarked that at certain points, she questioned the urgency and authenticity of Todd’s call because his voice was calm and steady the entire time. What gives you calm in the storm? Family? Reading scripture? Working out? Whatever it is – do more of it.

COT: We praised SAGA’s recent success with his exam, prayed for a healthy and safe delivery of Shiplap’s 4th son, and thanked God for the beauty and peace we live in each day since the chaos of September 11, 2001. And prayed for a return of the unity we all felt on September 12.