9.24.2021 – Run club!

12 Faithful PAX (8-Track, Banks, Cheese, Cookies, Giggles, Knight Rider, Panhandle, Ranger Rick, Saga, T-Bone, Tortuga, Toto) showed up on a cool Friday morning for a little run/ruck action at AO Ground Zero. We had 10 runners and 2 Ruckers. The runners headed north on the prairie path, cut through Lincoln Marsh and ended up at Monroe middle school to run some intervals on the “Track” and then headed back to the flag. All was good except YHC underestimated how dark it is now, Fall is truly upon us! We gathered at the flag and lifted up Cookies upcoming travel and that we all have a great weekend with the families.

Moleskin: It is better to run in the dark with friends!