Backblast: Thursday Sep 23rd 5:30am AO Mastodon

20 Pax gathered on the 2nd day of fall for a Concrete Mile

WOR: 4 count motivators, OYO Michael Phelps, Trunk Twists, Daisy Pickers, Runners Stretch, Calf Stretch

Thang 1: Teams of 3 carry their coupons on the mile loop around the AO – stopping at every light post to do 10 reps of Mary of teams’ choice. One coupon must always be either 1)carried in rifle position or 2) one Pax must double carry.

Thang 2: Stop at Cooties and perform CrossFit Cindy as a team for the 6 (5 pull-ups, 10 merkins, 15 squats)

NOR: @jolly, @panhandle, @tortuga, @cookies, @8-track, @beaker, @LilMac, @Bigmac, @sparrow, @giggles, @jailbreak, @ralphy, @Gummi Bear, @Yankee, @bad debt, @DaVinci, @Bloomer, @Aloha, @Snooky (FNG fka Micah) @t-bone(Q)

COT: prayed for Big Mac (and all Pax) for parenting wisdom, Sparrow and spiritual conversations with foster daughter, Jailbreaks FIL? Richard and breakthru COVID case, and 13yo Ben for persistent injuries particularly knee issue.

Moleskin: Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent from Ted Lasso): “You’ll be dead soon, so you may as well do it” – takeaway – push yourself – do hard things like F3 but also do life well and with integrity: Marriage, Family, Work – because its over before you know it and these things matter.