Murder in the 3rd Degree : an F3 whodunnit by sparrow

A Murder game where you perform exercises to reveal clues and hope no one stabs you in the back.


Simple Rules

  1. Your team of three visits each clue station around the AO. After completing the required exercise, one person on your team may read the clue to the rest of your team. The clue will give you the names of one or two PAX who are not the killer. Cross them off your list (provided).
  2. When one name remains on your list, that’s the killer.  Run back to the flag and write your guess on the paper attached to the flag. Each pax has one guess per game. If you are the first team to correctly guess the killer, you win.
  3. If you know for sure that someone is a killer and you feel threatened by them, you may kill them in self defense. 
  4. If anyone touches you and says bang, you are dead.

If you don’t like complicated games, you can stop reading. With those 4 rules you can play the game, and maybe win.

Detailed rules 

for those who want to be killers

The Killer

If you submit an application to be a killer the night before the game, you will provide the clue maker with private details about yourself, true anecdotes that only you will recognize. The clue maker will sprinkle your anecdotes in with the other clues.  At the beginning of the game you will not know you are the killer. The killer will realize his secret identity as he recognizes the self describing anecdotes he provided before the game.

Example Clue: The Killer is not Cookies or Jazz Hands. The killer wet his pants in the third grade, but managed to play it off as a spilled drink.

When you become fully aware that you are the killer, you must whisper “I am the killer” under your breath. You will then need to make a choice regarding your teammates: lie to them, kill them, recruit them (or all three but not in that order.)


After you whisper “I am the killer”, you will at first have no bullets, so you should lie. You might volunteer to read the clue after your team completes the next exercise. Whatever is written on the paper, you might choose to say “It says the killer is not Body Pillow or Me, and that the killer drinks Michelob ultra and grew up on a farm.” Only one pax per team is allowed to see each clue, so they will have to take your word for it.


If you are the killer, you earn bullets (or credits if you prefer that word) by completing the exercises at the clue stations. After you whisper “I am the killer”, you begin earning 1 bullet for each future pain station you complete. If you have two civilian teammates, you must complete two pain stations before you have enough credits to dispatch them both at the same time (preferable, if you ask me). To kill a PAX, touch them and say “BANG”. They are dead. 


The killer can recruit people to his killer team, where they can earn bullets together and make kills.  One recruiting method is a finger between the shoulder blades and a whispered “Freeze, join my team or I’ll kill you”. 


At any point during the game, any living pax may run to the flagpole and make an accusation by writing the killer’s name on the flagpole paper. 

Ways to identify a killer: 
1. Complete the pain stations to reveal clues that eliminate all suspects except the killer. You will be provided with a list of Pax who could be the killer. Pax who show up without HCing the will still be allowed to play, but their name will not be on the list. 
2. Witnessing a murder. If you are witness to a murder, but have not been killed yourself, make a run for the flag pole and write down your accusation. You cannot be killed while touching the flagpole, so hold the pole and write carefully. 3. A hunch. If someone on your team of three starts acting funny, maybe he has realized he’s the killer and is saving up credits to kill you. Now is your chance to peel off and win the game. 

After you have guessed

Each pax can make only one accusation per game, So a team with 3 Pax will have a total of 3 guesses and if one guess is correct the whole team wins. After guessing, you may continue completing stations to reveal clues as long as one team member still has a guess remaining.  The first team of three that has a member make the correct written accusation wins right to display the justice emoticon: :scales:


If, without breaking any rules, the killer can prevent his name from being written on the flagpole paper by a live pax within the time frame allotted, he wins, gaining freedom, respect, and the right to display the killer emoticon. The killer does not have to be alive to win. 

End of Game

When multiple teams have written their accusations and have stopped pursuing clues because the killer’s cover is blown, that’s when the cluemaker will declare the end of the first game. There may be time for a quick reset and a second game with a second set of clues. 

Game Play


Weapons are allowed. See 2nd Amendment.

Amendment 1 – The Killer’s Team

When the killer first becomes aware of his role (by reading clues), he has zero bullets and must earn them one at a time by completing new pain stations. If the killer successfully recruits both of his teammates to become killers, their new team of 3 killers immediately receives one bullet per each clue station previously completed by that team. If they revealed 6 clues before becoming a team of killers, then that team has 6 bullets. Moving forward, your team earns one bullet for each killer pax who completes each pain station. A team of 3 killers earns 3 credits per pain station. A team of 6 killers earns 6 credits at each pain station. The team of killers (or Mafia) can grow as large as they choose, but their success is only measured by their ability to protect the one original killer from accusation. The killer’s team must stay together as a tight group and should therefore be easily identifiable as such. No two members of a killer’s team may be more than 12 feet from each other. Killer teams may not dispatch a runner, or spread out in any way. Killers may be killed. 

Amendment 2 – The right to bear arms

Small nerf Guns, rubber chickens, small squirt guns, or other non-painful items may be used as weapons. All weapons must be declared and demonstrated during warm-o-rama or else they may not be used. To kill with a weapon, shoot or touch someone and then say “BANG” loud enough for them to hear you. They are not dead until they hear you say bang.  Laser pointers and flashlights may be used as weapons, but must include shouting the PAX’s name between each kill, and may only be used within 20 feet of the victim. Examples: If you were well hidden, you could shoot nerf bullets at 3 people in quick succession and then say “bang, bang, bang”, and all three would be dead. If you had a laser pointer, you must say the pax’s name and “bang” while the light is touching them, so you wouldn’t be able to “sweep” your light across three people and then say bang bang bang. 


Instead of “bang” a killer may say “freeze”, and you are then held at gunpoint for up to 30 seconds. This gives you a chance to talk. He can still kill you during the 30 seconds. Calling a freeze does not cost the killer any credits. Each killer can freeze one person at a time (so a team of three killers could freeze a regular team if they were quick enough.)  If the killer walks away without killing you, you are no longer frozen. Whenever the freeze is over (30 seconds or the killer leaves), you are free to kill the killer.

Self Defense

Civilians (i.e. non-killers) can kill in self defense. They do not need to earn credits. They must, however, be absolutely sure that the person they kill is indeed a killer.  If a civilian kills someone who is not “the killer” or “on the killer’s team”, they become guilty of manslaughter and are out of the game, must do 20 penalty burpees, and face a firestorm of media criticism. Self defense will be defined very loosely for the purposes of our game. If a killer and civilian kill each other at the exact same time, then the tie goes to the unarmed-or-less-heavily-armed person.

Dead PAX

If you get killed, that is unfortunate. You cannot reveal who killed you or make other helpful comments to those still in the game. You can however continue exercising at each station as though exercise were your only real reason for coming today and who cares about a silly old game anyway. 


Unlike the killer’s team, civilian teams are not required to stay close to each other. If desired, they could run to three different pain stations and try to acquire three clues.  At each station one PAX would have to do 3X the reps to cover the reps of the missing teammates. If 3 pax are together and one peels off to record a guess at the flag, the two remaining pax should cover his reps if they want to keep advancing through the clues without him. If a team loses one pax to death or the dark side, they do not have to cover his reps as they advance through clue stations. 

Fine print for Archive and people who think like him.

  • Touching the flag pole grants immunity. Pax cannot be shot or killed while touching the flag pole.
  • Killers must stay 12 feet away from the flag pole.
  • The Flag pole, flag-pole-accusation-paper,clip board, and pen cannot be touched or moved by killers.
  • Clues may not be moved, hidden, stolen, obstructed, forged, burned, or obscured in any way.
  • There is no limit to the size of the team that a killer can recruit, but the killer’s team must stay in a tight group and will therefore be more easily identified as it grows. 
  • If “the killer” gets killed, but no one writes his name on the accusation paper before the time limit, then the killer wins. The killer’s associates may continue to defend his interests and honor after he is killed.
  • We will start the game with a mosey around the AO to identify the 12ish clue stations. Clue envelopes will be visible at our standard workout spots (Hoffa, Cooties, Dan Taylor Alley, etc.)
  • If the first game ends quickly, we will play a second round. The entire game ends at 6:10, so please help the Q clean up the clues starting at 6:08am.

Winner Round 1: Team Panhandle, for correctly accusing Saga of mass murder.

Winner Round 2: Big Mac, for silently killing a number of PAX without being accused before the round ended. (lightning round)