Backblast: Winter OlymPax Games

Backblast: Winter OlymPax Games
Date: 2/9/2022
AO: #ao_tar_pit
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Q: @wet burrito
Conditions: wintery

 Motivators
 Abe Vigoda
 Apolo Ono
 Arm Circles
 Toe Squats

The Games -with Partners
Event 1- Uphill Slalom with 6 Apolo Ono & Burpee’s per set -to the top (3 attempts)

Event 2- Synchronized Figure Squatting
(Tuck & Star Jump combos with rotation)

Event 3 -Murder Bunny & Rifle Carry Relays

Medal Round
Event 4-(Uphill &) Downhill Bobsledding

Olympic Opening Ceremonies is heavenly -every tribe represented