The Valentine’s Day Cardio Love Fest
Date: Monday, 02/14/2022
AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @SAGA @TBTF @Sparrow @Spokes @Jolly @Archive @Tortuga @Da Vinci
FNGs: 0
Q: @SAGA @Sparrow
Total: 8

Conditions: A brisk morning made all the warmer due to the love we shared.
Warm-Up: @Archive led us through the gloom with a choreographed WOR to “Physical” by Olivia Newton John.

The Thang: As a metaphor for love we entered the mundane and routine as the runners ran and ruckers rucked. Staying in the AO and together, the runners ran to the pool hall and did suicides until the ruckers arrived to release them wherein the runners ran to the parking lot by the tennis courts and did suicides there until the ruckers arrived again – rinse and repeat for four rounds. A reminder to keep on keeping on through the long road of love.

Count-O-Rama: PAX to the right was the valentine for each PAX. We paused to write a note on a My Little Pony valentine (a term of endearment for a PAX to another PAX). Valentines were exchanged along with a selection of candy!

Moleskin: Love is a long road of doing the same thing over and over again: consistency is a way into integrity. Keep coming back to love those in your midst.