Run Club

Backblast: Friday Run Club
Date: 8/5/22
PAX@8-Track @LeMond @Panhandle @Tortuga @wet burrito@Banks
FNGs: 0
Total: 6

Thang: Jogged south on the Prairie Path.  Turned around.  Returned.  Got in a bridge hill or two at ground zero.

COT: Prayed for @LeMond’s job search, @Tortuga and @Panhandle both have 2.0’s starting college soon, thanks for bodies that work and F3.

Moleskin: Act like men.  This section of our memory verse is sandwiched in between the phases, “stand firm in the faith” and “let everything you do be done in love.”  That is what it means to act like men.  The love Paul is referring to is the sacrificial love of Christ.  That is what it means to act like men.