Backblast: Form over Function

Date: 10/18/2022
AO: #ao_mastadon
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1. Warmorama: Motivators, Burpees, Picking Daisies, Arm Circles, Mountain Main Poopers

2. the Thang:

· Squats

o 50 Squats, first one done starts running and rest chase up Hoffa.

o Demonstrate proper form
Squats – Most common exercise to cause injury (with weight).

§ Full 90 degrees

§ No touch of arms to legs

§ Full extension at top (knees and hips extended)

o Some recommendations from YouTube

§ Stretch ankles to get better form, keep legs slightly farther apart if low flexibility.

§ Keep shoulders pinched in back.

§ Keep butt tight.

o Do 50 with proper form

· Kettlebell Swings

o Form

§ Keep back straight,

§ Flat back

§ Feel slightly wider than shoulder-width apart.

§ Hinge at hips, coupon high enough to see below it looking straight ahead.

§ Strength comes from hips.

o Do 50 with proper form, then run the hill.

· Thursters

o Form

§ Coupon in upright rack position

§ Squat to at least 90 degrees (or elbows to knees)

§ Full extension with arms above head

§ Head between arms at top

o Try to do 50 with proper form, then run hill

· Burpees

o Form

§ Chest touch ground

§ Hands clap above head with feet off the ground

§ Full stand at top (open hips)

o A recommendation from YouTube

§ Squat to get down part of the way, don’t bend and fall on arms/shoulders

· Merkins

o Wrists should be under shoulders

o Butt should be tight, abs tight, body firm

o Arms fully extend, full range of motion

o When come down, shoulder blades should come together and

o Wide or narrow is fine but don’t flare arms out.

· Repeat all 5 exercises with a bad dad joke quiz question. If you get it right run to the lamp post, wrong? Run Hoffa. Either way do 15 perfect reps first.

o Question 1: How is a wizard who raises the dead and a sexy vampire similar? They are both necromancers/neck romancers

o Question 2: What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 4k? HDMI

o Question 3: What do skinny jeans and a cheap hotel have in common? No ballroom.

o Question 4: What’s an astronaut’s favorite part of the keyboard? The space bar.

o Question 5: What’s blue and not heavy? Light blue.

· Moleskin

o We are constantly affecting our form. There is an idea in economics which I’m sure is much more beautiful in Aristotle’s metaphysics or in Beaker’s inorganic chem class that some goods take consumption capital. For example, coffee takes some investment before it tastes good.

o I have a hunch that most of the best parts of life require consumption capital. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely observes that we tend to love or value things in direct proportion to the work we put into the thing. If you want to love your body, put work into it, if you want to love music, work at it, if you want to love your children and spouse, work on it. If you want to love your relationship with God, work on it. What consumption capital are you building? What loves are you forming?

· Prayer:

o LeMond (having a girl! J Prayer for healthy development and delivery)

o Tortuga: Jackie had a good experience with chiropractor, pray the benefits last.

o Katniss: Prayer for a good birthday for the 2.0.