Backblast: Our Last Dance

Date: 10/22/2022

AO: #ao_mastodon
Pax: @Archive @Sparrow @Captain Crunch @T.B. @Hancock @Carmen
FNGs: 0
Q: @Hancock
Count: 6

Conditions: warm & sunny.
Warm-up: Motivators x 7, mountain man poopers, arm circles, quad stretches, picking daisies

Thang 1: start mosey around AO, clockwise, crossing bridge west of tennis courts first. Do 5 burpees at each light pole for approx. 5 or 6 light poles

Thang 2: keep moseying. 25 BBSU’s in the grass.

Thang 3: keep moseying. Cross monkey bars however you see fit.

Thang 4: keep moseying. Do suicides in the street – 1/3 down and back, then 2/3 down and back, then all the way and continue.

Thang 5: keep moseying. Stop at Dan Taylor alley and do Dan Taylors until we hit the far garbage can.

Thang 6: keep moseying. Cross bridge on our hands. Stop at cabin and do relays. One Pax runs to end of pier near cabin, does 10 merkins, comes back. The rest do squats, or plank, or flutter kicks.

Thang 7: keep moseying. Stop at pool parking lot. Run halfway down, do 10 burpees, and come back. Then run all the way down and back.

Thang 8: keep moseying. Stop at zip line. We all took two turns, doing BBSU’s while we wait.

Thang 9: follow the Q over all the picnic tables near the zip line.

Thang 10: keep moseying. Go down slide multiple times, but only in a non-frivolous manner. We’re responsible adults working out, clearly not playing at a playground.

Thang 11: keep moseying. Run to Hoffa. Manrise, 10 burpees at top, come down, manrise again.

Thang 12: Mary. We did, in no particular order: flutter kicks, boat-canoe, alternating arm side plank, LBC

Thang 13: Guantanamo

Moleskin: Quote from Rings of Power: “The same wind that seeks to blow out a fire may also cause it to spread.” Don’t let your adversity shut you down, but push back. Michael Jordan could have quit basketball after he was cut from his high school team, but instead he pushed and became a better ball player. Be like Mike.