11/18/2022 – Crunchy, Snowy, Windy.

Backblast: Friday Run Club

Date: 11/18/22

AO: #ao_ground_zero

PAX: @Toto @Pool Boy @Topham @Beaker @Double Dip @Tortuga @Cheese @Banks @Shiplap @Katniss @pacecar @Crack

FNGs: 0

Q: @Crack

Total: 12

Thang: Most ran north, @Shiplap and @Banks walked to 7Eleven for coffee… @pacecar scared a deer and wanted to catch it.

Moleskin: The quote that YHC was planning on sharing, and completely forgot, has to do with making decisions. Soren Kierkegaard stated, “Do not fly so high with your decisions that you forget that a decision is but a beginning.”

COT: @Banks 2.0 turns 10 today, @Crack‘s M dealing with tendonitis making work challenging, prayers for family interactions and our roles during this holiday where we should be giving thanks. (edited)