Meet Mike Tyson

Date: 2/18/2023

AO: #ao_mastodon
PAX: @Crack, @TBTF, @Bloomer, @Stock boy, @Short Circuit, @Captain Crunch, @Cheetah (2.0), @Chopped Cheese (FNG), @wet burrito, @Noodles
FNGs: 1
Q: @Noodles
Total: 10

WoR: Motivators x15, Tappy Taps x15, Batwings x15, Moroccan Night Clubs x15, Michael Phelps OYO

The Thang: We began with an Indian Run around the Archive mile of AO Mastodon. Upon return to the parking lot, we began our TABATA style introduction to the Mike Tyson merkin. The 5 cycles and rest (3 minute of Work/1:30 minute of Rest) included some variations on planks, merkins and squats that when put together make up the motion of the Mike Tyson merkin. The TABATA round was broken down as follows:

Cycle 1: Plank to Down Dog (3 min)
Rest: Squats (1:30)
Cycle 2: Shoulder Taps (3 min)
Rest: Squats (1:30)
Cycle 3: Plank to Pike and Alternate Toe Touches
Rest: Squats (1:30)
Cycle 4: Pike Merkins
Rest: Squats (1:30)
Cycle 5: Mike Tyson Merkin – Feet against the curve in a plank position. In one swaying motion, push your 6 back towards the wall and thrusting forward and down to a merkin. Knees never touch the ground.

We wrapped up with another Indian Run around the parking lot.

MoM: Balasana Yoga Pose – Sit straight with your legs folded. Now, slowly bend your torso forward on the floor. Arms should be extending forward as well, as far as possible. Your face should also be facing the floor as well as your palms. Your calves, forehead, and palms should all be touching the ground in this position. Hold this position for 30-1 minute. Performed variation taking Right arm and reaching underneath Left arm. Switch, taking Left arm and reaching underneath Right arm.

CoT: Prayers for @Crack’s daughter as she prepares to come home and take time about her next step in life and career move. Prayers for Ukraine and the ongoing conflict. Prayers for overall health, COVID is still a thing and so is other things such as RSV.