3.23.19 Not Just Surviving- Thriving

5 High-Impact Males posted at Mastodon this morning. They didn’t come merely to survive, but to thrive!


Side Straddle Hops x 30

Imperial Walkers x 25

Copperhead Merkins x 15

Copperhead Squats x 15

Thang 1: “Playground Doras”

As pairs, completed:

75 Pullups

100 Carolina Dry Docks

125 Merkins

150 Dips

While performing exercises, other PAX in each pair completed loops around dip bars, alternating between:

Lunge Walks

Bear Crawls

Chinooks (overhead arm circles) and LBC’s while waiting for 6

Thang 2: “Pearls on a String: Wheaton Edition”

Mosey around the “short mile” loop, stopping to perform:

Flutterkicks x 30

Diamond Merkins x 20

Leg Lifts x 20

Divebombers x 20

Thang 3: “Coupons ‘Round the Bases”

Rounded the baseball diamond while completing, as pairs:

40 Manmakers (coupon Burpees)

60 Lion Kings at Right Field

80 Coupon Curls at Center Field

100 Coupon Overhead Presses at Left Field


Freddie Mercury’s x 35


Shoulder Taps x 20

Flutterkicks x 50

Circle of Trust

Count-o-rama / Announcements / Name-o-rama

Q’s Word of the Day:

Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith are the elements that keep me going in life.

Faith: We are made for something more, not merely to survive as biological creatures, but to thrive as humans. We have a purpose, to be good stewards of creation, to live with and for our fellow humans, to bring love, mercy and justice to the world. We are part of the Almighty’s work of redeeming and restoring creation to be what it was originally meant to be.

Fellowship: And we do that together. Henry David Thoreau said that “men lead lives of quite desperation.” He hits on a truth—that we tend to live in isolation, even when we are around others. It takes intentional interaction, like we have at F3, to thrive as men, to fulfill our purpose as humans.

Fitness: This is also about thriving, not merely existing. It is not about glorifying our bodies, but about being capable of fulfilling our respective callings. And it serves to break down barriers between men, so that we can engage in Fellowship and Faith!


For healing from illness among PAX and their families. For the growth and encouragement of the men of F3 Wheaton. For prayers unspoken. That we would be agents of grace and truth in our homes and communities this weekend.

Thanks for the opportunity to share the gloom with you!