3.28.19 Diamonds are Forever

4 Pax broke through the Gloom for a tough beatdown. Archive (QIC), Captain Crunch, Banks, and Chelms (nice to see him again!)



7x Motivators

15x Tin Soldiers

20x Carolina Dry Docks

20x Flutters


Thang 1: Squat Ladder- Descending reps of squats (20, 19, …) at top and bottom of hill.

Thang 2: 7 of Diamonds- Ran around the outside of the baseball field with reps at each corner as follows:

7x Burpees

14x Merkins

21x Flutters

28x Squats

21x LBCs

14x Shoulder Taps

7x Burpees

COR, NOR, Thanksgiving for the recent F3 trip to Peru- A visit from Chelms- Prayers for motivation, safe travels, and growth.

One thought on “3.28.19 Diamonds are Forever

  1. That was a tough one – Hoffa hill is a beast, especially on a ladder from 20 down to 1. Adding the baseball diamond (akin to our four corners down south) was evil


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