4.1.19 – The Usual Suspect

After Banks’ helpful surprise at my failing to ruck for the last 10 reps of the Merkin’ Mile last Monday, this week saw a repeat routine but a “no excuses” attitude. After the 5 Alive ruck challenge and the “both-feet in” attitude of Jazz Hands (formerly FNG) on Saturday, this felt like a modest hill to climb on a Monday morning.

Warm-o-Rama / The Standard:

  • Motivators IC x7
  • Tin Soldiers IC x15

The Thang: The Prayer Walk

  • Burpee Mile
  • A Complete Ruck-up (AMRAP, at least 1 for every Rucker posting)
  • Merkin Mile


  • LBCs x 50
  • American Hammer IC x30


Prayers for the brothers — Prayers for protection and the gentle (but definite) nudge into action for all those brothers past, present, and future who might take the plunge and join our crazy crew. Prayers for myself to hear and answer the call on my own life to step up and stand for the people and things that matter.

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