4.6 Family Affair

4 PAX woke to a very springy (and squishy) morning in the gloom: Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Jazz Hands.

WOR- 8x Motivators

22x Imperial Walkers

20x each- High, Side, Reverse Planks


The Thang- Archive’s Family

Flora 1-2-3: Partner up. Goal- 100 merkins on coupon, 200 LBCs with coupon, 300 coupon goblet squats. Flip-o-rama with partner at 10, 20, 30 reps respectively. Bonus! No running- hold plank during merkins while partner does 10 reps, hold coupon above chest for LBCs, hold at bottom of squat.

Birdie 1-2-3: Partner up. Goal- 100 Rockabye Baby (Coupon Swings), 200 Pick-me-ups (Dead lifts), 300 Low Crawlers (Put coupon on ground, plank position, pull coupon across body with opposite hand.)

Whitty 1-2-3: only time for 10 blockees

NOR COR- A good day out in the gloom. Prayers for healing Jazz Hand’s back and shoulders and for motivation for the rest of the group.