4.11 Free Solo

1 PAX almost fartsacked this morning- Archive QIC


7x Motivators

20x Tin Soldiers

20x Carolina Dry Docks

20x Squats


The Thang: 7 of Diamonds- Ran around Hoffa with reps at each corner as follows:

7x Burpees

14x Merkins

21x Flutters

28x Squats

21x WWII Situps

14x Shoulder Taps

7x Burpees


COR NOR: Wow- it feels good to be able to force myself to make it through a tough workout knowing my F3 brothers are out there in the gloom elsewhere getting better too. Prayers for Captain Crunch at his conference in Seattle, Banks for his 5K on Saturday, continued recovery for Avon and Jazz Hands.