5.23.19 – A Gross of Lunges

AO Mastodon. A bright, sweaty, buggy 65 degrees. YHC late-sacked his way to the AO about 10min behind schedule (having stayed up too late on twitter talking about how much he doesn’t fartsack… smh). If you PAX were there that morning and went home when the teacher didn’t show up, shame on both of us, but mainly me. With no one to slow-down by my over-exertions, it was time for a rucker’s Leg Day. Short, sweet, and painful.


  • Abe Vigodas ICx15
  • Imperial Walkers ICx20

The Runs:

  • 1 mile around the lake stopping for:
  • Bolt 45s
  • Dan Taylors (the whole “dan” thing… squats:lunges -> 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, … 8:32)
  • more Bolt 45s
  • Compass Runs up the hill (Straight, Sideways, Bernie, Othersideways)


  • Oblique LBCs ICx30
  • American Hammer ICx30


Prayers for the brothers (new and old), that the potential of these men would be unleashed to serve and support one another, their families, and our community. — The image of a fire that will not be quenched, catching in more and more hearts and minds. A fire that transforms, that shines as a light so that people far off will see and know the work that is done here as we serve and sacrifice together.

Thought of the Day: The harder the exercise, the less likely you are to lose count. 🙂 Dan Taylors done up to 8:32 reps has a total of 36 Squats and 144 Lunges. A “gross”, if you will.