6.13.19 – 4-Elements

Ran against the Wind. As Bruce Lee once said, “Become like Water my friend.” Set a goal today to work on cardio and be more fluid in our strides. The challenge at hand also involved a combination of exercises meant to push against Earth‘s gravity and make people burn like Fire. Front runners to always hold for the 6, Plank or Side Plank.

It was a brisk 53 degrees, 8 PAX waiting to warm up.


Toe Reach x 15 – 1, 2, 3 (1), 1, 2, 3 (2), in cadence

Motivators x 10, in cadence

Mosey to first bridge – “No man left behind, leave no man where you find him” Moseyed together as a group.

Thang 1

Bridge #1 – Mountain Climbers x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #2 – Squats x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #3 – Merkins x 30 -> Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #4 – Bear Crawl across the last bridge -> Sprint -> Grab coupon -> 15 Deadlifts x 15. When done sprint to Hoffa to hold for the 6.

Thang 2

Sprint #1 – Little Imperial Walkers x 30

Sprint #2 – Watch TV – 30 Mississippi count

Sprint #3 – LBCs x 30

Sprint #4 – Side Plank – 30 Mississippi count (Switch sides at 15 count)

6MoM – Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Guantanamo, Supermans

CoR – 8 Strong HIMS – Archive, Captain Crunch, Hoser, Banks, Toolbox, Skirt Chaser, Good Hands, Noodles (Q)

COT – Prayers:

Hoser -> Prayer for the Naperville guys and Ruck. Good Hands -> Grandmother – Prayer for health and recent health challenges, asking for motivation and sense of purpose to help cope w/ recent loss of her husband – Prayer for Naperville Family Day at the end of the month. Captain Crunch -> Prayer for the Unity Ruck on 6/22/19 and asking for health and a good turn out from F3Naperville, F3Geneva and F3Wheaton. Noodles -> Prayer for M’s health and pregnancy.

Thank you all for making my first Q experience a memorable one!