12.12.2020 – 12 Days of Christmas – Merkin Hour Part II

Great job by many PAX and creativity in recent beatdowns. It made this beatdown much harder to think about. Nevertheless, I decided to bring back an old favorite, 12 Days of Christmas style. The weather was a bit rainy with plenty of puddles. By the end of the beatdown, plenty of ground will have been “pushed”.

WoR: Side Straddle Hops x30, Stretch Center/Right/Left, Malasana Pose, Michael Phelps x30, Little Merkin Boy (Little Drummer Boy – Plank Hold – Merkin on Pa rum pum pum pum. 21 total).

Mosey around AO Mastodon’s short mile and AYG sprint up Hoffa. Moseyed over to Shiplap’s House of Pain, today To Be Known As Santa’s Workshop. PAX spread out on the inside and outside of the Workshop for social distancing.

The Thang – Merkin Hour Part II – PAX to start with Day 1, representing the number of reps for designated Merkin. PAX to then move on to Day 2 plus previous day rep count (Ex: Day 2 = 2 Worst Merkin Ever plus Day 1 = 1 Worst Worst Merkin Ever).

Day 1 – 1 Worst Worst Merkin Ever

Day 2 – 2 Worst Merkin Ever

Day 3 – 3 Diamond Merkins

Day 4 – 4 Hand Release Merkins

Day 5 – 5 Chuck Norris Merkins

Day 6 – 6 Derkins w/ coupon

Day 7 – 7 Ranger Merkins

Day 8 – 8 Werkins

Day 9 – 9 Crucible Merkins

Day 10 – 10 Spider-Man Merkins

Day 11 – 11 Sphinx Merkins

Day 12 – 12 Manmaker Merkins w/ coupon

Shout out to Archive for finishing all 12 Days. Remaining PAX made it to Days 10 & 11.

CoR: Jolly, Jazz Hands, Banks, Da Vinci, K-pop, Crash, Tortuga, Crack, TBTF, Sparrow, Wet Burrito, Archive, Cookies, Katniss, Shiplap, Beaker, Captain Crunch, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for health and rest, Prayers for those traveling. Prayers for Crack’s friend battling cancer.

12 Days of Christmas never felt so good!!

11.18.2020 – Wednesday Night Lights

Today was my first Q at AO Tarpit. I had to spend some time looking over the Exicon to come up with something appropriate for the day. 8 PAX made the commitment. Today’s workout was definitely different for me. Coupons Not Needed but hopefully still delivered on a good beatdown.

WoR: Malasala Yoga Pose, Butterfly Yoga Pose, Tappy Taps, R Leg Stretch, L Leg Stretch, Center Stretch

What better way to break in my first Q at AO Tarpit than with a mosey around.

Thang 1 – 1st & 10

100 yard field marked at 10 yard increments. Perform 10 Merkins, 1 Burpee (11’s) at the 10, sprint the remaining 90 yards. Recover mosey back to the 20. Perform 9 Merkins, 2 Burpees, sprint the remaining 80 yards, recover mosey to the 30. Repeat until all 100 yards and 11’s have been completed. Plank/core exercise until remaining PAX complete.

Thang #2 – Deconstructed Burpees

Burpees broken down into pieces. Squats, Leg thrusts, Merkins, Leg thrusts, then Up. Four rounds. Each round consisting of the following:

10 Squats, 10 Leg thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg thrusts. In this case, the Up consisted of an AYG sprint up our AO ramp, “Hilltopper”.

CoR: SAGA, Big Mac, T-bone, Tortuga, Wet Burrito, Shiplap, Da Vinci, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Praise for Big Mac’s recovery from his fall. Prayers for all the orphans in Zimbabwe and around the world, that God continue to provide. Prayers for Wet Burrito and the stress of having one of his employee part ways, may God continue to reveal his plan and what he has in store for Wet Burrito. Prayers for our schools and their leadership as they are faced with difficult decisions in the foreseeable future, that they make decisions for the best interest of all parties: students, parents, schools.

10.31.2020 – In Celebration of

It was a chilly morning. A full moon was visible in the distance as 18 PAX were present for today’s beatdown. Throughout the week I struggled with deciding to do a regular workout or do what I have been known to do which is to bring fun and celebration on this Halloween morning. My father, Jose M. Malagon Sr., passed away on 10/24/2020. I asked myself, what would my father have me do? With my M pushing me to get out there and workout, I was able to see just how much I need F3 in my life during this difficult season. I decided to keep it fun for the group and incorporate the number 24 to acknowledge my father’s passing. Halloween is also my father’s birthday. He would have been 64 on this day. Today was in celebration of my father’s life.

WoR: Frankensteins x24, Batwings x7, Webbicides x 5 sprints – 5 Merkins at each line – 25 total Merkins.

This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas) – PAX to hold People’s chair position. For every Halloween reference made during the song, PAX to perform a squat (29 references). PAX to also max out on squats when cued by La La La towards final seconds of the song.

Thang 1 – Zombie Lane – 2 Rounds w/ Coupons

Round 1 – Zombie Plank Pull Throughs X24 (Plank Pull Throughs) followed by Zombies & Blocks (Bears & Blocks) rally to the base of the hill, back to base of Zombie Lane.

Round 2 – Goblet Squats x24 followed by Murder Bunnies rally to the base of the hill, back to base of Zombie Lane

Zombie walk w/ coupon to base of the hill.

Thang 2 – Zombie Hill – 4 Rounds – PAX to perform an exercise at the base of the hill before performing Zombie Crawl up the hill. Rinse and repeat.

Round 1 – BOO-Urpees x24 (6 count burpee – on 6 count cover/uncover eyes and yell “BOO” on the jump)

Round 2 – Corpse Press x24 (Overhead Press)

Round 3 – Crucible Merkins x24

Round 4 – Skull-crushers x24 (Triceps – behind head to overhead)

CoR/NoR: Sparrow, Archive, Jazz Hands, Captain Crunch, Hotbox, Banks, Katniss, Bloomer, Tortuga, Crack, SAGA, Jolly, Cookies, Da Vinci, Nickerdoodle, T-bone, Too Big Too Fail, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Thank you to God for Archive and his, newly born, 2.0. Prayers for Archive’s M and continued recovery. Prayers for Jazz Hands’ M so that God may reveal job opportunities and to continue adjusting to remote learning. Prayers for Crack and his M’s mother who recently passed away as they themselves continue in the healing process.

Moleskin: Thank you to the men of F3 Wheaton. For pushing me each and every time and giving me words of encouragement. For telling me of my inspiration towards them. I, too, am inspired by all of them. Thank you all for reaching out during this difficult time. My father was short in stature but had a big presence. Not perfect and didn’t always know how to express his love at times. We had our differences, our ups and down. Days before he passed, he posted in Spanish on Facebook:

A true act of mercy. Loving each person, whoever they are. See the good side of each person, whoever they are. Forgive each person, whatever they have done. Being willing to do everything quickly for the Lord and for any child of his, no matter how difficult it may be.

I closed with a passage on Comfort from 2 Corinthians 1:3-5 NIV – “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. For just as we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ, so also our comfort abounds through Christ”.

10.12.2020 – Furiouz Noodles

8 PAX showed for Monday Ruck Club. I took a little motivation from Fellow HIM, Gummi Bear and a post about themes and goals. I wanted to challenge myself to be creative in delivering a Q that incorporated the following components: Mental, Physical, Tempo, Strength. I left out the Social component because I tend to get in my own zone and stick to business. I like to keep my Pre-Blasts simple and leave PAX guessing. Thank you Gummi Bear for the inspiration. I think I went a little Fast & Furious.

WoR: Ruck Off – Motivators x7, Arm Circles x10, R, L leg stretch, Center stretch, Malasana Yoga Pose

Thang 1: Everyday Shuffle

Ruck mixed in with some shuffling. Started on the Archive mile route, turned left at the Short mile end point and proceeded to the Poolhouse parking lot. Aimed for pace and time. 8.5 minutes for time (according to my watch).

Thang 2: Poolhouse Rock

We continued with the shuffle at the Poolhouse parking lot. PAX to run from one end of the lot to the other. Up and down the stairs at each end. Finish off with 1 of 2 PT exercises after each set of stairs.

Round 1 – Merkins/Squats x30 each

Round 2 – Shoulder Taps/Flutter Kicks x30 each

Round 3 – Ruck High Pulls/Lunges x30 each

Thang 3: Hoffa Lane – Burpee & Ruck Toss

Shuffled back. PAX lined up along the path facing Hoffa. PAX to perform a combination burpee/ruck toss. Perform a burpee in front of ruck and on the way up, lift ruck to press position and toss forward. PAX to reach the base of Hoffa, rinse and repeat back to the path for time.

Moseyed back to the flag.

NoR: Banks, Sparrow, Da Vinci, Cookies, Double Beef & Cheddar (DBC), Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for our Supreme Court so that God May provide them with the knowledge and wisdom as the go through their appointment process. Prayers for Big Mac’s friend and she goes through another round of chemo treatment. Prayers for overall job search process and for God to reveal his plans and opportunities to us.

Moleskin: Today’s workout was based on inspiration. F3 allows for all PAX to lead and eventually compare strengths and weaknesses. It is also great to know that there will always be someone pushing and motivating you. “Way to push Noodles”, “Noodles, you are an inspiration”, “Great job Noodles”. These are some of the words that keep me going when my body and mind are telling me to quit or stop. Today was another opportunity to lead and be the one to offer that same support to newer members (Cookies, DBC, Da Vinci, Big Mac) and old (Captain Crunch, Banks, Sparrow). I can’t forget Gummi Bear, thank you for the inspiration.

9.15.2020 – Keep It Simple, Stupid Continues

In preparation for IronPax, Noodles decided to make it a MINI bootcamp to help prepare for this week’s challenge. 17 PAX made the commitment to this beatdown. Today’s beatdown emphasized proper form. There was some running, merkins and some leg workouts today. A nice little stretch to get things going and loosen up the muscles. By the end of the workout, PAX got a good all around beatdown.

Disclaimer: 3 Fs, Core Principles, Not a professional, Modify as needed.

WoR: Malasana Yoga Pose, Tappy Taps x20, Stretch down the middle, R & L Leg Stretches, Motivators x5, Bring Sally Up.

Thang: Mini Chesto Remixed

Half the reps of a Mucho Chesto sprinkled with some 400m runs & 800m finish. Time was not emphasized as much as proper form, running stride and breathing.

Start w/ 400m (route below) run then:

Merkins x5, Wide Merkins x5, Diamond Merkins x5, Stagger Left Merkins x5, Stagger Right Merkins x5.

Rinse and repeat for 5 Rounds.

After last set of Merkins, mosey over to Short Mile finish line and wait for 6.

Finished off with an 800m (route below) run.

MoM: Noodle’s definition of Mary is certainly not the same as others.

Impossible Merkin – Maintain form. Starting in the Up position, slowly lower down for 60 secs. Once down, maintain plank and slowly raise up for 60 secs. Ended up at about 1 min, 20 secs combined time.

People’s Chair for time, Plank for time.

CoR: YoYoRabbit, Bloomer, Panhandle, Smokey, Da Vinci, Banks, Gummi Bear, Tortuga, Hotbox, Shiplap, Wet Burrito, Sparrow, Big Mac, T-bone, Crash, Crack, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Prayers for our places of employment. Prayers for the group that we may continue to hold each other accountable to the workouts and our families. Continue to encourage one another and push each other.

400m route:


800m route:


8.13.20 – Bear Necessities

10 PAX were in attendance for today’s beatdown! The gloom is back and the fog hovered over AO Mastodon’s grounds. Noodles prepared a beatdown that allowed all HIMs to harness their inner Mowgli. Crack was fairly accurate in describing this as a Bears and Miles approach. AO Mastodon certainly has a lot to play with. Plenty of ground was covered as we explored bridges, rock formations and baseball diamonds. Time did not allow for use of coupons but I think PAX certainly got better in the end. Great to see the HCs remaining steady at double digits. Also good to see old faces back.

WoR: Motivators x7, Goof Balls x20, Tappy Taps x15

Noodles set the pace as PAX moseyed and performed the following:

Thang #1 – Bearpee Alley – Distant cousin to Dan Taylors. PAX performed 1 burpee followed by a 4 count Bear Crawl. Increasing by 1 burpee: 4 Bear Crawl steps for a final count of 7 burpees: 24 Bear Crawl steps.

Thang #2 – Centipede – Continued mosey to one of AO Mastodon’s rock formations to perform a few Centipede rounds. PAX were to weave in and out between rock formation for a total of 3 rounds.

Thang #3 – Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – Moseyed over to the baseball field where PAX were spread out around the infield to perform continued Bear Crawls and a variety of Merkins. Q sets the pace, ready position, move, halt and recover.

Round 1 – 4 count Bear Crawl in counterclockwise direction behind each PAX. Halt, 10 Merkins starting with Q while everyone else holds Bear Crawl position. Continue 4 count Bear Crawl, next PAX performs 10 Merkins. Rinse and Repeat until all PAX get a turn.

Round 2 – Same as above except increasing to 8 count Bear Crawl and 10 Werkins. Rinse and Repeat until all PAX get a turn.

Round 3 – Same as above except increasing to 12 count Bear Crawl and 10 Diamond Merkins. Rinse and Repeat until all PAX get a turn.

Hold Plank for 6. HIMS also took on some extra Merkins sets while waiting for 6.

Let me not forget that we Bear Crawled across many bridges.

NoR: Crack, Big Mac, Tortuga, TBTF, Shiplap, Da Vinci, Katniss, Archive, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for Archive and his family so that power may be restored. Prayers for all those without power during this period of restoration. Prayers for Big Mac’s friend as she takes on full time job of being a mother to her children and coping with the passing of her husband. Prayers for overall health for all the PAX present and not present so that we may continue to sharpen each other.

Moleskin: I have had recent periods general fatigue and lack of motivation. These stressors are more difficult during this pandemic as I find myself continuing to adjust to a new way of living. F3 has never felt so important in my life than now. It has allowed an escape from the current day to day routine while working from home and physical (social) distancing. As I continue to remind myself to keep God in the center of my life, I am also thankful to have surrounded myself with such an amazing group of men. F3 has definitely become a big support system in my life. It is so true that there are many men out there that don’t realize just how much they need F3 in their lives.

6 Corners, Plus

Today was a highly anticipated workout at AO Mastodon. The AO continues to grow thanks to a great addition of HIMs. Noodles on the Q as 15 PAX posted for today’s workout. Today’s workout revealed plenty of what AO Mastodon has to offer as Noodles managed to cover all 6 bridges and still left plenty of time for goodies. It definitely killed the mumble chatter towards the end.

WoR: Motivators x 7, Abe Vigodas x 15, Ballerina Toe Squats x 15

Thang #1 – A.L.A.R.M

Bridge #1 – Arm (Body Bag Builders) x 15

Bridge #2 – Leg (Monkey Humpers) x 25 – cadence count

Bridge #3 – Abs (LBCs) x 25 – cadence count

Bridge #4 – R exercise (Russian Twists) – x25 – cadence count

Bridge #5 – M exercise (Worst Worst Merkins Ever) x 10 – Crucible Merkin, Wide Merkin, Merkin, Diamond Merkin = 1.

5 Bridges – Bear Crawl across each bridge.

Hold plank for 6 after each bridge.

Thang #2 – Dan Taylor Alley

1 squat, 4 lunges. 2 squats, 8 lunges, etc. Final count 7 squats, 28 lunges. AYG mosey/run to Squat Row.

Thang #3 – Squat Row

Squats at every street lamp (SL). Mosey between SLs. Increments of 1, ex: SL #1 – 1 squat, SL #2 – 2 squats. Bear Crawl across the last bridge. Mosey over to base of Hoffa.

Thang #4 – Broad Jump Burpees

Pax split into groups of 7 & 8. Groups were spread out on opposite ends, 25 yards apart. Pax to perform Broad Jump Burpees to opposite side and back. Rinse and repeat for time.

MoM: Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Chinooks, Moroccan Nightclub


CoT: Prayers for rest and continued health. Prayers for Europe and recent spikes in COVID. Prayers for Crack’s daughter, older sister to Crash and K-Pop, as she transitions to college. Asking for guidance and protection. Overall, continued growth for AO Mastodon so as to continue sharpening, motivating and pushing each other to be better men, sons, husbands, leaders in our communities.

7.9.2020 – Ready to DINE

Beautiful day at AO Mastodon. PAX showed for an interactive Q led by Noodles. Call me Notorious B.I.G. as the PAX would be Ready to DINE, not Ready to Die. It would be a day full of A La Carte exercises chosen by HIMs on their HC.

Thang – B.O.M.B.S. (Modified version) based on chosen exercises by HIMs. Each letter represents the following chosen exercises:

B – Bodybuilders (Archive), O – One Legged Split Squats – 1x each leg = 1 (TBTF), M – Starjumps (Katniss), B – Lunges – 1x each leg = 1 (Captain Crunch), Merkins (Noodles) – Bonus – Bear Crawl (Gummi Bear) at every bridge along the way.

Workout began with a mosey on the back end of the AO and then along the short mile route. PAX would perform an exercise in increments of 1 beginning w/ Bodybuilders at each street lamp (SL). Ex: SL #1 – 1 Bodybuilder, SL #2 – 2 Bodybuilders, SL #3 and so on until reaching five. At the 6th SL – 5 Bodybuilders + start of next exercise (One legged Split Squats – 1x each leg =1) and so on. PAX that finish would complete a total of 105 bodybuilders, 80 One Legged Split Squats, 55 Starjumps, 30 Lunges, 25 Merkins along the route. Moseyed back to AO parking lot for time.

NoR: Da Vinci, Archive, Gummi Bear, JLiz (FNG), Katniss, Shiplap, TBTF, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for Archive and return to on-site duties with his employer, same to all of those being integrated back to on site duties. Prayers for Wheaton College and recent coverage in news, requesting wisdom on both parties to exercise fairness and good judgment. Ultimate judgment to be left to our Lord and Savior. Prayers for continued health and motivation as we continue to grow as an AO.

6.22.2020 – Ruck, Shuffle and Crawl

Beautiful Monday morning. Great day for a Ruck. 3 PAX weathered thru the Father’s Day festivities. Here’s the breakdown:


Motivators x5, Abe Vigodas x15

Thang #1 – Started rucking down the AO eventually alternating between shuffles. PAX stopped along the way to do the following:

Shoulder Taps – x15 in cadence

Merkins – x25 OYO

Ruck drags – x25 OYO

Rinse and repeat for a total of 5 stops.

Thang #2 – Rucked over to the trail part in front of Hoffa and did the following:

Squats – x25 (no ruck)

Bear Crawl dragging Ruck to base of Hoffa

Crawl Bear pulling Ruck up Hoffa

Flutter Kicks (top of Hoffa) – x50

Rinse & Repeat.

Completed 1 1/2 round, ending with Bear Crawl to base of Hoffa for time. Hold side plank for 6.


Superman – hold until Q halts

Arm Circles – until Q halts

Seal Claps – until Q halts

CoR: Banks, Shiplap, Noodles (Q)

CoT: Prayers for a good work week. Chatter of the day was a reflection on Father’s Day celebrations, traveling and adjusting to the reopening of other states, Wisconsin, and anticipating the reopening of Illinois. Prayers so that God reveal his plan to us regarding COVID-19 and to give us a glimpse of positivity in adjusting to a new normal here in Illinois.

6.11.2020 – Good Ol’ Hoffa!

It’s starting to feel a lot like early summer. Bright and early morning with the sun peeking it’s head right as 8 PAX prepared for a workout led by Noodles.

Motivators – x7
Abe Vigodas – x15 on cadence
Ballerina Toe Squats – x15 on cadence

Mosey over by main entrance of the park and around the baseball field and over to grab our Coupons!

Thang 1 – Hoffa Circuit – Start at base of trail w/
Bench Press x200
Bear & Block to Hoffa base
Sprint up w/ Coupon
LBCs x200 at the top of Hoffa
Rinse & Repeat – reps down by 50.

Managed to do perform 4 rounds.

MoM: Watch TV (Hold plank)

NoR: Banks, Captain Crunch, Archive, Shiplap, Katniss, Sparrow, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Prayers for Gummi Bear and birth of his baby girl. That he may continue to be a supporting husband and father. Prayers for Archive and positive results of pregnancy ultrasound, That he may also continue to be a supporting husband and father for the duration of his M’s pregnancy.