6.29.19 – McEnroe & His Cabin

4 PAX made the HC and presented for another episode of Noodles & Company. Beautiful sunny day w/ temperature rising made for a drenched end result.

WoR: Motivators x10, Abe Vigodas x15, Mosey around the tennis courts w/ Q calling out Al Gores (regular/reverse), Lunges.

Thang #1: Wimbledon

Round #1 – Agassis x5 – Merkins x30

Round #2 – Agassis x5 – Squats x30

Round #3 – Agassis x5 – Scissor Kicks x50

Round #4 – Agassis x5 – 50 Step Ups (25 each leg)

Thang #2 – Cabin Fever

Planks pulls w/ coupon x30

Coupon Swings x30

Goblet Squats x30

Wall Squats – 2 minutes

Thang #3 – Hoffa

Linked Merkins – Legs to Back x15

Sprint #1 – Jumping Jacks x50

Sprint #2 – Bear Crawl Uphill w/ Coupon – LBCs x50

Sprint #3 – Bernie Sanders – American Hammers x30 – TBTF confused me on amount and did 20 EC.

Sprint #4 – Watch TV x50 Mississippi

6MoM: Arm Circles (front/reverse) until Halt, Arm Claps x25 – some did some EC until Halt.

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Skirt Chaser, Noodles (Q)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks & Captain Crunch on their travels and so that they may find some time to put in the work. Skirt Chaser – Prayers for sister, Leslie, so that she gets the proper treatment in Peru and speedy recovery. TBTF – Prayer for health as something that is earned, so that we show up and put in the work. Noodles – Prayers for M’s health and pregnancy and to provide guidance to newly hired staff to start. Prayers for Hoser and speedy recovery.