7.1.19 – Stairway to Heaven

No lights for Noodles (Q) since yesterday around 3pm. Spent the night in Bolingbrook and made the early drive to AO-Mastodon at 4am. Spent some time in solitude appreciating the gloom and early sun rise. If you want it, you have to go get it!

3 PAX made the HC. Too Big To Fail, the newest addition to the Ruck Club. Keep on coming TBTF! You’ll only keep getting stronger. Certainly unexpected but thanks to Archive for having an extra weight handy. TBTF, good that you brought a pack with you.

Made the start on our usual ruck to tally more miles. Took a detour to Wheaton High football field and did 4 sets of stairs (up/down = 1 set). Moseyed back over to the parking lot and off to our second mile to wrap up. Took the short mile to finish up our time. With detour to Wheaton High still put in 2.7 miles for a Time: 44m 30s

CoR: Archive, Too Big To Fail, Noodles (QIC)

CoT: Archive – Prayers for Banks and Captain Crunch so that they continue to be safe during their travels. TBTF – Prayers for the upcoming holiday to keep everyone safe and still enjoy the festivities. Noodles – Prayers for Hoser’s knee procedure, treatment and speedy recover. M’s pregnancy and health.