8.17.19 – A Day At The Arcade

6 HIMs made the HC for another suspenseful Q to be led by Noodles. All those w/ the HC for the day were left questioning what to expect. Video games are for entertainment and have no physical benefits whatsoever. Well, today was the day to bring the creativity and present something w/ the physical benefit that most men seek. This would be a day with far less enjoyment than what most remember from their favorite video games growing up. It would be a day to either remember or forget. Noodles may have started F3 w/ spaghetti legs but today HIMs left w/ Noodle arms!

WoR: Motivators x8.

Moseyed our way over to pick up our coupons for the day. Continued our mosey to Noodles’ designated gaming space and area. Live and in the flesh! AO-Mastodon has it all, including a rock formation perfect for today’s games!

Thang #1 – Centipede – Bear crawls – weaving between rocks until reaching the opposite side. Perform designated exercises at opposite side and weave between rocks back to the starting point.

Round #1 – Bear Crawl – Wide Arm Merkins x100

Round #2 – Bear Crawl – Merkins x100

Round #3 – Bear Crawl – Closed Diamond Merkins x25

Round #4 – Bear Crawl – Jackknife Merkins x25

Thang #2 – Wrecking Crew & Replay Action – Introducing Wheelbarrows to our workout arsenal. Great partner exercise. Modify as needed by switching in and out of wheelbarrow position. Perform exercise at opposite side and back to starting position, 1 Round.

Round #1 – Wheelbarrow – Coupon Press x100, Halt when called by Q, Pressed for time and Recover.

MoM: Nothing better when finishing a workout than maxing out w/ the following: Raise the Roof until Halted by Q & Arm Circles until Halted by Q.

To make thing more interesting, HIMs did not get off easy. Guided imagery made this MoM memorable as HIMs were asked to focus on some of their greatest and challenging exercises and Ruck days. Great psychological game to test HIMs mind, body, desire to quit or give up and motivation to push harder. GAME OVER!

NoR: XXX Family Restaurant, Chaser, Gummi Bear, Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Captain Crunch – prayers for upcoming reviews so that he may be just, fair and honest w/ constructive criticism and feedback. Chaser – praise report and prayers to God for his provision according to his time and when he sees our needs. Noodles – prayers for healing process at work during difficult season and focus on future opportunities.