08.15.19 Autumn Approaches… and so does Noodles Saturday Q.

The mornings are getting cooler, the darkness looms longer, the ring is lost, but all hope is not.

Noodles and Gummibear arrived a bit early, thinking that they were the only ones present. When out of the mist two figures, nay two creatures approached. It was none other than Archive and Capt’n Crunch who were just finishing a pre-workout; those sly dogs.

With 4 pax present; Noodles, Archive, Crunch, and Gummibear. the workout commenced at 0527.


We moseyed in a gaggle around the playground loop for a nice jog and circled up;

50 IC side straddle hops, 50 IC overhead arm claps, 10 dive dumbers, 10 push up and rotations, 50 IC leg spreaders, 20 IC flutter kicks.

Thang 1 – Beginning at the coupon staging area

10 get-ups w/coupons, 30 floor wipers w/coupon, 40 coupon presses, bear crawl coupon drag to playground, 50 box jumps.

Thang 2

I/C assisted pull ups; 12, 10, 6.

Legs of Destiny: 25 air squats, 25 jump squats, 25 lunges, 25 bouncing lunges.

Cool Down: 15 reverse bar rows, pick up coupon and group shuffle back to staging area.

COT: Archive; Thanksgiving for new hires at work, Noodles; prayer for current job situation and future opportunities, Crunch; for recovery from illness, Gummibear; that we would live joyfully and work with all our might for the glory of God.

Coupon Getups
Crunch and Noodles bear crawl
Crunch using a coupon for Airsquats
Cool down Rows. Noodles may be praying for wisdom for his upcoming saturday Q and how he can combine as many chest exercises into one session as possible. Feel that chest burn!