09.21.2019 IronPax Challenge Week 3 “Meters 43”

A humid summer feel clung to the Saturday morning September air. Archive and Captain Crunch were in Naperville posting as part of a weekend long “GoRuck”event. In the spirit of camaraderie, and due to the fact that we had already completed two other Ironpax challenges, another Ironpax challenge was in order.

Five Pax posted; Gummibear, Banks, TBTF, Jazzhands, & Duckmaster.

Warm Up: Being limited on time, we went for a quick jog around the playground and grabbed some coupons along the way to take with us to the pull up bars.

The Thang: Ironpax Challenge Week Three “Meters 43”

We set our stop watch for 43 Minutes and began doing as many sets as we could of the following:

10 Pull ups

15 Burpees/coupon jump overs

20 Burpee curls

25 Burpee squat thrusts

30 gas pumps

With the morning being surprisingly humid, and in order to better enjoy what could be the monotony of 43 minutes straight doing these exercises, we had a lot of mumble chatter going on during the workout. While we hit it hard, we certainly made time to socialize as well. However, perhaps in part due to the socializing no one completed 6 sets or more, as most of us finished in the middle of our 6th set. We all still viewed this workout as a victory however. Kudos to Duckmaster who was the only one of us who did not have to switch to an alternative exercise on at least one of the sets, as the rest of us did. No fancy pictures were taken today, just 43 minutes of sweat will be remembered by all.

Below is the link to the greenwood iron pax week 3 event as posted: https://f3greenwood.com/2019/09/15/2019-ironpaxchallenge-week-3-meters-43/

NOR/COT: Unfortunately I had to depart early this day, but banks and the others finished up with NOR & COT. God Bless