10.21.19 Ruck Club: 5 Minute Stride/Shuffle

The Q called a little EC workout session for those interested, who wanted to show up 15 minutes early. It does not need to be reported that the Q was 3 minutes late for his own EC session, nor that Banks gave his HC, which is stronger than oak, for the EC session as well as the regular session, and failed to appear at both, therefore letting his comrades down. Thankfully, it was verified that banks is alive and well, despite the missed hit time.

Ten Minute EC Session : Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles and Gummibear completed the following ruck workout:

20 pushups

3 sets of curls and upright rows (12,10,8 reps each)

40 flutter kicks

The THANG (you can warm up rucking)

Six faithful paxs posted for another beautiful fall morning; TBTF, Hotbox, Archive, Noodles, Captain Crunch, and Gummibear were all present. To reiterate, Banks was not present.

As a group we covered as much distance as possible in 40 minutes alternating between 3 minutes of striding and 2 minutes of shuffling. We were able to complete 2 “Archive Miles” and one “Crunch mile”. Overall everyone did very well, and we had a good pace without feeling too out of breath. It was a very enjoyable morning and we still were chatting even while shuffling.

NOR/COT: Continued prayers for Archive’s potential job scenario. Prayers for wisdom for the Hotbox family. Prayers for a good week.

Great picture of the guys. To be clear banks is not one of these guys. Noodles was able to take some other photos that are posted elsewhere.