11.14.2019 Threes Company

Hotbox, Banks and Gummibear posted.

The Thang;

We moseyed the Crunch mile (in honor of him) stopping at stations along the way:

Station #1: 10 pulls ups & 10 Aussie Pulls ups.

Station #2: 3 sets of the following: 100 jumping jacks, 25 squats (50 first round).

Station #3: Bars: monkey bars: 7 sets total

Station #4: Lunge from final bridge to Coupons

Station#5: 3 sets of: 10 coupon curls, 30 coupon presses

Station#6: Mosey up the hill: 3 sets: 25 sit ups, 25 heel touches.

Station#7: 3 sets: 10 pulls ups, 15 shoulder touches, 25 leg spreaders.

NOR/COT: Pray for year end that we would rely on God’s strength and get what needs to be done accomplished.

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