11.7.2019 On Your Own, All together Now.

5 pax posted; noodles, banks, hotbox, captain crunch, and gummibear.

Warm Up: Mosey to Coupons, Overhead Coupon Squats as we made our way over to the pull up bars.

Thang: As many Sets as Possible on your own prior to time expiring

10 pull ups

10 Hodors

10 reverse push ups

10 push ups

1 lap (running) around playground Hill

On average each of us completed about 3.6 rounds of each.

Cool Down: Jog over with coupons and return.

Quick abs by the flag:

I/C Leg Spreaders & Flutter Kicks (24 & 30 reps)


Prayers for Captain Crunch and Noodles and their respective families to be healed of colds.