Feats of Strength

1/25 beat down – 9 loyal PAX (Captain crunch, Bears, Banks Jr, Hotbox, Prime Time, Body Pillow, TBTF, Shiplap showed up for a 60 minute beat down on A beautiful Saturday morning.

Thang 1 – Bataan death march. An Indian run but modified. The Last PAX in line would complete 5 perfect burpees and then would sprint to the front of the line. This continued for 15 minutes.

Thang 2 – Super charged – All About the Benjamins. 25 curls with the coupons, 25 walking lunches away, 25 squats, 25 lunges back to the coupon, 25 overhead presses, 25 lunges away, 25 merkins, 25 lunches back. Once the set was complete each PAX would finish out each set to get 100 reps for each exercise.

Thang 3 – Grips of Strength. Each PAX grabbed a partner. 4 total rounds with 4 exercises. One would carry 2 coupons across the parking lot to the light pole, then back. The partner completed an exercise. The 4 exercises were: shoulder press merkins, front plank, left side plank, right side plank.

COT – praise for the group, our lovey wives, and beautiful children.